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There are a number of College representatives that are here to help you during your time at Mercy College of Health Sciences. Our expert faculty and staff have centuries of combined experience and are dedicated to ensuring your success. The follow categories should assist you in finding the correct individuals to answer your questions. 

Mercy College of Health Sciences' campus

Academic Program Administration


Nancy Kertz, PhD, APRN
Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs
Email or (515) 643-6615; Office Location: SC-117

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Adrienne St. Clair, MS, RDMS, RDCS, RVT
Program Chair
Email or (515) 643-6610; Office Location: SC-323

Emergency Medical Services

Cheryl Blazek, BS, AS, NRP
Program Chair
Email or (515) 643-6766; Office Location: ACE-041

Healthcare Administration

Joelle Stolte, PhD, MPH, MLT (ASCP)
Program Chair
Email or (515) 643-6619; Office Location: ACE-211

Health Science

Jeannine Matz, PhD
Program Chair
Email or (515) 643-6703; Office Location: ACE-208

Medical Assisting

Stacy Smith, MS, CMA (AAMA)
Program Chair
Email or (515) 643-6705; Office Location: SC-325

Medical Laboratory Science

Kyla Dippold, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM
Program Chair
Email or (515) 643-6772; Office Location: ACE-206


Deb Willyard
Associate Dean of Nursing
Office Location: SC-216

Physical Therapist Assistant

Sue Bravard, PT, MS
Program Chair
Email or (515) 643-6614; Office Location: SC-305

Public Health

Joelle Stolte, PhD, MPH, MLT (ASCP)
Program Chair
Email or (515) 643-6619; Office Location: ACE-211

Radiologic Technology

Karen Norris, BSRT(R)
Program Chair
Email or (515) 643-6616; Office Location: SC-205

Administrative Directory

President's Council

Bo Bonner, MDiv
Director of Campus Ministry
Email or (515) 643-6736; Office Location: SC-016

Joe Brookover
Sr. Director of Financial Aid
Email or (515) 643-6611; Office Location: ACE-153

Anne Dennis, PHR, SHRM-CP*
Vice President, Employee Engagement and Human Resources
Email or (515) 643-6640; Office Location: SC-113

Douglas J. Fiore, PhD*
Email or (515) 643-6601; Office Location: SC-116

Nancy Kertz, PhD, APRN*
Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs
Email or (515) 643-6615; Office Location: SC-117

Thomas Leahy, JD*
Vice President of Business and Regulatory Affairs
Email or (515) 643-6621; Office Location: SC-115

Lyneene Richardson, MEd
Dean of Student Affairs
Email or (515) 643-6659; Office Location: ACE-181

Matt Romkey, MBA*
Executive Vice President and Chancellor, Mercy College PLUS
Email or (515) 643-6663; Office Location: ACE-145

Jennie Ver Steeg, MA, MLS
Director of Library and Media Services
Email or (515) 643-6612; Office Location: Library

David von Arb
Director of Information Technology
Email or (515) 643-6708; Office Location: SC-224

*Member of President's Cabinet

Allied Health Faculty

Cheryl Blazek, BS, NRP
Program Chair - Emergency Medical Services
Email or (515) 643-6676; Office Location: ACE-040

Sue Bravard, PT, MS
Program Chair, Assistant Professor - Physical Therapist Assistant
Email or (515) 643-6614; Office Location: B2-252

Rudy Cataldo, NRP
EMS Instructor - Emergency Medical Services
Email or (515) 643-6675; Office Location: ACE - Garden Level

Kyla Dippold, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM
Program Chair, Assistant Professor - Medical Laboratory Science
Email or (515) 643-6772; Office Location: ACE-206

Gretchen Kilworth, BSHCA, RT (R)
Clinical Coordinator/Instructor - Radiologic Technology
Email or (515) 643-6655; Office Location: B1-309

Karen Norris, MS, RT(R)
Program Chair, Assistant Professor - Radiologic Technology
Email or (515) 643-6616; Office Location: B1-205

Kimberly Patrick, BS, MLS (ASCP)CM
Instructor - Medical Laboratory Science
Email or (515) 643-6784; Office Location: ACE-202

Stacy Smith, CMA (AAMA), MS
Program Chair, Assistant Professor - Medical Assisting
Email or (515) 643-6705; Office Location: B1-325

Adrienne St. Clair, MHS, RDMS, RDCS, RVT
Program Chair, Assistant Professor - Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Email or (515) 643-6610; Office Location: B1-323

Jennifer Talbot, MSEd, RHIA, CCS-P​
Program Chair - Health Information Management
Email or (515) 635-1743; Office Location: Off-Campus

Janet Whitney, MEd, MLS (ASCP)CM, SBBCM
Assistant Professor - Medical Laboratory Science
Email or (515) 643-6741; Office Location: ACE-204

General Education Faculty

Victor Babich
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6709; Office Location: ACE-218

Cathy Beck-Cross
Adjunct Instructor
Email or (515) 250-6980

Bo Bonner, MDiv
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6736; Office Location: BH-124

Susan L. Brown, PhD, NRP, CHES
Associate Professor
Email or (515) 643-6638; Office Location: ACE-235

Marti Doyle, PhD, MSW
Email or (515) 643-6774; Office Location: ACE-233

Carl Johnson
Adjunct Faculty

Amy MacKrell, PhD
Email or (515) 643-6795; Office Location: ACE-225

Audra Meyer
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6796; Office Location: ACE-217

Joe Moravec, DMin
Email or (515) 643-6643; Office Location: ACE-227

Truc Nguyen, PhD
Email or (515) 643-6777; Office Location: ACE-231

Darrin Rasberry
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6654; Office Location: ACE - 216

Rebecca Steidl
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6770; Office Location: ACE-219

Joelle Stolte, PhD, MPH, MLT (ASCP)
Program Chair - Public Health
Email or (515) 643-6619; Office Location: ACE-211


Adjunct Faculty* - Liberal Arts and Science

Steven Hart, PhD
Adjunct Faculty

Ryan Marr, PhD, MDiv
Adjunct Faculty

Julie Weldon, RN, MSN
Adjunct Faculty
Email or (515) 643-5321

*This is not a complete list of adjunct faculty.

Nursing Faculty

Tria Allen, MS, BSN, RN
Diploma Class of 1994 and BSN Class of 1999
CARE Project Education Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Email or (515) 643-6728; Office Location: SC-214

Michele Ball, MSN, RN
ASN Class of 2003
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6633; Office Location: SC-216

Jennifer Beukema, MSN, RN, CPN​
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6606; Office Location: SC-209

Kalina Brinning, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6604; Office Location: SC-222

Kim Bruett, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6622; Office Location: SC-203

Jane DeGooyer, EdD, MSN, RN-BC
Diploma Class of 1981
Assistant Professor

Email or (515) 643-6737; Office Location: SC-209

Nadira Dhanaswar, DNP, MSN, CCRN, CNRN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 247-6725; Office Location: SC-216

Teresa Doolittle, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC, RNC-OB, C-EFM
Associate Professor
Email or (515) 643-6727; Office Location: SC-212

Patricia Durand, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6717; Office Location: SC-223

Jolynn Ernst, DNP, RN
Associate Professor
Email or (515) 643-6706; Office Location: SC-225

Ashley Hoff, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6734; Office Location: SC-213

Sara Kraus, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6721; Office Location: SC-203

Judith Monroe, DNP, APNP, C-PNP
Project Director, CARE grant​
Email or (515) 643-6632; Office Location: BH-134

Kennedy LaVille Thoren, DNP, ARNP, PMHNP-BC
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6661; Office Location: SC-223

Susan Matovu, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6673; Office Location: SC-212

Joan McCleish, PhD, RN
Email or (515) 643-6625; Office Location: SC-211

Alex McManus, MSRN, RN, CCRN​
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6726; Office Location: SC-213

Rita Million, PhD, RN, PHNA-BC, CNE, COI
Associate Professor
Email or (515) 643-6622; Office Location: SC-205

Kim Molloy, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6684; Office Location: SC-207

JoAnne Olsen, MSN, RN-BC
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6723; Office Location: SC-208

Kim Oswald, EdD, MSN, RN
Email or (515) 643-6797; Office Location: SC-216

Mary Owens, MSN, RN
Co-Chair, ABSN Program, Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6672; Office Location: SC-206

Jacqulyn Pelan, MSN, ARNP, RN
HRSA Grant, Program Coordinator
Email or (515) 643-6724; Office Location: BH-134

Katherine Scott, DNP, CPNP, BSN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6783; Office Location: SC-206

Theresa A. Smith, PhD, MSN, RN
Diploma Class of 1987
Assistant Professor

Email or (515) 643-6722; Office Location SC-207

Jennifer Wing, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6729; Office Location: SC-206

Professional and Support Staff

Mary Acevedo
Executive Assistant to the President
Email or (515) 643-6601; Office Location: B1-116

Emily Anderson
Admissions Counselor
Email or (515) 643-6790; Office Location: ACE-159

Samantha Aust
Board Liaison/Communications Specialist
Email or (515) 643-6629; Office Location: B1-204

Dillon Bauer
Admissions Counselor
Email or (515) 643-6630; Office Location: ACE - 156

Randi Boelkes
Financial Aid Coordinator
Email or (515) 643-6636; Office Location: ACE - 157

Carolyn Bucklin
Email or (515) 643-6744; Office Location: ACE - 149

Missy Chapman
Campus Receptionist
Email or (515) 643-3180

Lisa Croat
Financial Aid Systems Analyst
Email or (515) 643-6720; Office Location: ACE - 155

Barb Cupp
Student Affairs Associate
Email or (515) 643-6715; Office Location: ACE - 163

Rebecca Dennis
Director of Student Engagement
Email or (515) 643-6782; Office Location: ACE - 151

Stephanie (Martin) Gasior, PhD
Institutional Research Data Analyst
Email or (515) 643-6635; Office Location: B1-103

Andrew Gress
Director of Admissions
Email or (515) 643-6637; Office Location: ACE-148

Diane Haskins
Program Coordinator
Email or (515) 643-6683; Office Location: ACE-176

Vickie Hedlund
Secretary, Mercy College Training Center
Email or (515) 643-6671; Office Location: ACE - 039

Sara Hill, MBA
Academic Advisor
Email or (515) 643-6662; Office Location: ACE - 182

Ann Hoeppner
Alumni Relations Manager
Email or (515) 643-6609; Office Location: ACE - 210

Michele Iris
Marketing Manager
Email or (515) 643-5907; Office Location: ACE - 151

Kristy Irwin
Director of Assessment and Accreditation
Email or (515) 643-6642; Office Location: ACE - 207

Thomas Iverson
Senior Programmer Analyst
Email or (515) 643-6735; Office Location: B1-222

Amanda Kearns, MBA
Human Resources Specialist
Email or (515) 643-6678; Office Location: SC-109

Mackenzie Kellogg
Project Coordinator
Email or (515) 643-6789; Office Location: SC-105

Allison Kipp
Academic Advisor
Email or (515) 643-6794; Office Location: ACE-182

Stephanie Klocke
Transfer Credit Specialist
Email or (515) 643-6605; Office Location: ACE-159

Andrea Knaub
Assistant Registrar
Email or (515) 643-6652; Office Location: ACE - 160

Trey Leech, PhD
Instructional Designer
Email or (515) 643-6689; Office Location: ACE - 209

Debbie Lively
Enrollment Coach, Mercy College PLUS
Email or (515) 643-6779; Office Location: ACE - 160

Linda Knowles
Secretary, School of Liberal Arts and Science
Email or (515) 643-6760; Office Location: SC-215

Maria Mattiace
Email or (515) 643-6793; Office Location: ACE

Maggie Moore
Program Admissions Coordinator
Email or (515) 643-6733; Office Location: ACE - 161

Mark Norris
Library Assistant
Email or (515) 643-6613; Office Location: SC-114

Douglas Owen
Environmental Services 
Email or (515) 643-6713; Office Location: BH-134

Lance Pfantz
Library Technology & Media Services Specialist
Email or (515) 643-6763; Office Location: SC-114

Corrine Reyes
Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
Email or (515) 643-6691; Office Location: B1-111

Robbie Riley
Programmer Analyst
Email or (515) 643-6792; Office Location: B1-222

Katelyn Schmitt
Admissions Counselor
Email or (515) 643-6779; Office Location: ACE-152

Trent Simpson
Admissions Counselor
Email or (515) 643-6769; Office Location: ACE-146

Maureen Smith
External Engagement Coordinator
Email or (515) 643-6682; Office Location: ACE -163b

Keri Stripling
Academic Advisor
Email or (515) 643-6718; Office Location: ACE-174

Jennifer Thompson, MLIS
Assistant Library Director
Email or (515) 643-6700; Office Location: SC-114

Laurie Waldrop
Business Office Manager
Email or (515) 635-1591; Office Location: SC-113

Megan Wicks
Transfer Credit Specialist
Email or (515) 964-6605 ; Office Location: ACE-142

Robyn Wingerter
Academic Affairs Assistant
Email or (515) 643-6677; Office Location: SC-215

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