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Mercy College of Health Sciences' tutoring services are led by the Norkaitis Student Success Center and help students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for course material. Tutors help students improve study habits, prepare for exams, review writing assignments, develop note-taking skills, and so much more. Tutors are available for nearly every subject, it's completely free, and unlimited. If you are unable to find a tutor for the course you need, please contact the Director of Student Engagement.

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To find a tutor, browse the tutor list below for the course needed and click on the tutor name to directly email an appointment request. Tutor sessions are available in several formats including in-person, video, email, or phone. Requests should include: appointment availability, content needs, and desired appointment format. 

Course #

Course Name Tutor Tutor Tutor Tutor
BIO 101 Gen Biology Erin Cox      
BIO 180 Human Anatomy Erin Cox Laresa Reed    
BIO 185 Human Physiology Priya Chariar Laresa Reed Caleigh Allen  
BIO 203 Microbiology Olivia Schroeder Emily Sell Priya Chariar  
BIO 225 Priciples of Pathophysiology Priya Chariar Laresa Reed Kelsey Wolfkill  
BIO 302 Pathophysiology Laresa Reed Priya Chariar    
BIO 400 Pathogenic Microbiology Priya Chariar      
BIO 460 Cell & Molecular Biology Priya Chariar      
  Biochemistry The Deo      
CHE 100/101 Chemistry Minh Giang      
DMS 103/125 US Physics I & II See instructor      
DMS 115/117 Cardio I & II See instructor      
ENG 101/102 English Composition I & II Sue Wickham Carl Johnson    
MA's  MA General Program Tutor Kelsey Wolfkill      
MA 106 Anatomy & Physiology Kelsey Wolfkill Laresa Reed    
MAT 102/120 General Math & Algebra Minh Giang Caleigh Allen Carl Johnson  
MED 101 Medical Terminology Priya Chariar      
MLS MLS General Program Tutor Brittany White      
NSG's (ASN) ASN, General Program Tutors Kelsey Wolfkill Kristin Turk Barb Sharp  
NTR 205 Nutrition Caleigh Allen Laresa Reed    
NUA (ABSN) ABSN General Program Tutors Jennifer Lindberg Barb Sharp    
NUA 302 Pharmacology Priya Chariar      
NUA 313 Pathophysiology Priya Chariar      

All nursing programs

Nursing Math/Dosage Calculations Kelsey Wolfkill Mallorie Myers Erin Cox Priya Chariar
    Kristin Turk Rylie Dunn Olivia Schroeder  
NUR (BSN) BSN General Program Tutors Olivia Schroeder Mallorie Myers Erin Cox Laresa Reed
    Barb Sharp      
NUR 105 Intro to Basic Skills Barb Sharp Mallorie Myers Minh Giang  
NUR 115 History and Trends Erin Cox Mallorie Myers    
NUR 125 Therapeutic Communication Erin Cox Mallorie Myers    
NUR 205 Foundations of Nursing Erin Cox Barb Sharp Mallorie Myers Caleb Mertens
NUR 265 Med Surg I Erin Cox Laresa Reed Barb Sharp
NUR 275 Holistic Assessment Caleb Mertens Barb Sharp Mallorie Myers  
NUR 285 Pharmacology, Nursing Priya Chariar Erin Cox    
NUR 290 Health Promotion Barb Sharp Olivia Schroeder Rylie Dunn
NUR 305 Med Surg II Rylie Dunn Erin Cox Laresa Reed Barb Sharp
NUR 340 Nursing Concepts in Pediatrics Rylie Dunn Olivia Schroeder  
NUR 345 Gerontology Mallorie Myers Olivia Schroeder Rylie Dunn  
NUR 375 Mental Health Nursing Concepts Mallorie Myers      
NUR 390 Med Surg III Laresa Reed Barb Sharp Erin Cox Mallorie Myers
NUR 405 Med Surg IV Laresa Reed Barb Sharp    
NUR 410 Obstetrics Laresa Reed      
NUR 416 Info & Fin. Mgt. in Nursing Barb Sharp Rylie Dunn    
NUR 418 Intro to Research Barb Sharp Olivia Schroeder Mallorie Myers
NUR 430 Comm. Health Nursing Barb Sharp    
NUR 435 Health Policy Rylie Dunn    
NUR 450 Concepts in Nursing Leadership Barb Sharp      
NUR 460 Adv. Concepts of Nursing Practice Laresa Reed Barb Sharp    
NUR 465 Transition to Nursing Practice Laresa Reed      
NUR 475 Capstone II Laresa Reed      
PHA 202 Pharmacology, General Priya Chariar Caleb Mertens    
PHI 110/301 Critical Thinking Barb Sharp      
PHI 320 Bioethics See instructor      
PHY 101  Physics I & II The Deo      
PSY 101/202 Psychology-general & developmental Caleigh Allen      
SOC 102 Sociology Caleigh Allen      
STA 165 Statistics See instructor      
STA 330 Biostatistics See instructor      
SVL 285 Servant Leadership Olivia Schroeder Barb Sharp Minh Giang  
Other Device Assistance, After IT Hours Andrew Dennis      
Other ESL, Liberal Arts Barb Sharp Priya Chariar    
Other HESI/NCLEX Exam Strategies Kristin Turk Laresa Reed    
Other Study Skills, Reading Strategies Sue Wickham Priya Chariar    
Other Writing, APA Sue Wickham Carl Johnson Priya Chariar  

Students in courses related to the following programs should seek course assistance from instructors during provided office hours: EMS, Public Health, PTA, and Rad Tech. For courses not listed, students needing assistance with content should contact their instructor during office hours listed in the course syllabus.

Help us improve our tutoring services by filling out a Tutor Evaluation Form! After meeting with a tutor, students are encouraged to provide feedback on their experience. Responses are annonymous. 





Is tutoring free?

Yes. Tutoring with Mercy College tutors is free and unlimited to all students. 

Who are the tutors at Mercy College?

Some tutors are current or graduated students, and some are professional educators. Our tutors are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.

What should I expect from a tutoring session?

Come prepared with all necessary course materials, including textbooks, assignment details, and class notes so your tutor is familiar with the content. Together you'll review information and narrow down what you need help with. You can work with a tutor as many times as you need to help you be successful in your courses. Tutoring can be held on campus and in-person, phone, email, or via MS Teams.  

Can I become a tutor?

To be a tutor, applicants must have a desire to help other students succeed and have obtained a "B" or better in a course.  Contact Rebecca Dennis or complete an application at



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Student Success Center
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