Tutoring is a support service available to all Mercy College students. The Student Success Center employs peer tutors and non-peer tutors to assist students with many courses. Knowledgeable tutors can assist students by reviewing the course material, answering questions, and reviewing for exams. When combined with other support services offered at Mercy College, tutoring becomes a powerful ally in learning complex course material.

Tutoring Information

  • Students may use the tutoring services at no charge.
  • Tutoring may be scheduled individually or with a group study table.
  • Students may request tutoring at anytime throughout the semester.
  • Tutoring is not available on holidays or during breaks.
  • Tutoring during final exam week is limited. Inquire to find out if a tutor-led study table will be held.

Employment Opportunities

The Student Success Center hires students as peer tutors. Come work in a fun, flexible environment and earn extra money while on campus.

If interested, please contact Lyneene Richardson for more information.