The Anatomy of Action

Become a Sonographer. A sonographer obtains diagnostic images of internal organs and blood flow using sound waves to observe fetal growth or to study body organs. Image-producing echoes are collected, and these reflections of high-frequency sound waves – sonograms – are used to construct an image of a body organ. As a sonographer, once you have completed the exam you will present the images to a physician for interpretation and diagnosis.



Our Body of Work

Our five-semester associate degree program includes classroom instruction, practice in skills lab and clinical experience in a variety of healthcare settings. You’ll learn both the art and the science of diagnostic imaging. We teach you to be a technically skilled and caring individual, excellent at critical thinking and problem solving. Our educational opportunities facilitate personal and professional development to contribute to your long-term success.



Licensure and Certification First Time Pass Rates


Board Pass Rate

Job Placement

Program Attrition

2016-2018 Totals




General Concentration 2018
AB 100%
OB 86%
100% 0%
Cardiac Concentration 2018 100% 100% 0%


How to Apply

College Admission First
The first step in the admissions process is to apply using the Mercy College Application.  Early application is encouraged.  For a complete list of College and program application deadlines,click here.  Students admitted to the College may enroll in Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) courses prior to admission to any academic program.

Program Admission Second
We accept between 12-16 DMS students beginning each fall semester. Our program is divided into two tracks: 1) General and 2) Cardiovascular.

Following College admission, students will receive instructions to complete an Academic Program Application in order to begin the process. Once all requirements have been satisfied, the applicant’s file is considered complete and will be given to the program chair for consideration. It is the applicant’s responsibility to complete the professional program application process by the program application deadline.

The program chair will begin reviewing completed files by the program admission deadline. Admission to this professional program is limited and competitive. Selection is based on the most qualified applicants.



Our dedicated team includes a program chair, a DMS instructor and a clinical coordinator in addition to many medical professionals in clinical settings. Our fulltime liberal arts and sciences faculty members are Ph.D.-prepared and adept at integrating their subject matter into a comprehensive health science curriculum. As a student, you will receive an exceptional level of personalized instruction.

Job Outlook

Once you have completed your DMS degree, you’ll have the knowledge and the clinical exposure you need to become a registered sonographer. Your job opportunities are very good, and our DMS graduates have found great jobs across the United States. Growth in this area of healthcare is expected to continue as sonography becomes an ever-increasing alternative to radiologic procedures. You’ll find more details and statistics about specific roles and job opportunities from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics website. 


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