• Be a currently enrolled full-time or part-time Mercy College student
  • Must have a qualifying financial emergency expense

Eligible Financial Emergency Expenses:

Each student’s situation is different. Financial emergency is described as an unforeseen expense that, if not resolved quickly, could impact the student’s ability to attend class or remain enrolled at Mercy College.  Applicants for this funding will need to submit supporting documentation of the expense. 

Eligible emergency expenses may include public transportation/bus pass, personal automobile expense, gas, child care, housing/rent, utilities, food, and medical/dental expenses.

Ineligible expenses include expenses such as educational expenses such as tuition, fees, books, and supplies as well as entertainment expenses, legal fees, tobacco and alcohol. 


Eligible students who wish to apply for Student Emergency Funds should schedule a meeting with Rebecca Dennis at 515-643-6782 or rdennis2@mercydesmoines.org, to ensure that the application is completed accurately and appropriate supporting documentation is submitted.

You may also schedule a meeting by stopping by the Josephine Norkaitis Student Success Center in College Hill.