Mercy College of Health Sciences’ Associate Dean of Nursing, Mary Schemmel, and Associate Professor of Nursing, Judy Monroe, have both received the 100 Great Iowa Nurses Award of 2019.

Mercy College Alumna, Dawn Schwartz, also received the prestigious award.

The 100 Great Iowa Nurses award recognizes nurses that have made meaningful, lasting contributions to their patients, colleagues, and the nursing profession. Recipients are viewed as mentors to other nursing professionals. This year’s honorees exemplify all of the principles on which the 100 Great Iowa Nurses Celebration was founded.

Mary Schemmel has been with Mercy College for 26 years. Schemmel has practiced nursing in many different positions, including a travel nurse, critical care nursing educator, and continuing education unit coordinator.

“I am honored and humbled to have been selected for this award and to join past recipients who have made incredible contributions to the nursing profession in the state of Iowa.” Schemmel stated.

Judy Monroe has been with Mercy College for 15 years. Monroe has a variety of nursing experience in areas including inpatient medical, inpatient psychiatric, long term care, occupational health, parish nurse support, lactation, and parent education.

“I am thrilled to be recognized for my years of work in community based nursing, sharing that work with students, and preparing future nurses for roles in caring for individuals in community settings and as advocates for policies to prevent illness.”  Monroe stated.

Dawn Schwartz is a 1995 Mercy College Alumna who majored in Nursing. Schwartz is currently the Director of Nursing at ChildServe. She has specialized in areas such as neonatal intensive care units, pediatric intensive care units, pediatric cardiac surgical intensive care units, home health care, respite, and pediatric rehabilitation for over 20 years.

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