The classic portrait of the college experience consists of red brick buildings, students playing frisbee on the quad, long nights in the library, quick lunches in the student union, fraternity parties and game days at the football stadium. Of course, that experience isn’t for everyone. In fact, many students now question whether they need to be on campus at all to earn a college degree.

Earning your healthcare degree online through Mercy College PLUS positions you for a successful career in healthcare immediately upon graduation. It’s not the way of the future — it’s happening now at MercyPLUS.

“MercyPLUS is taking online healthcare education to the next level, helping aspiring healthcare professionals earn degrees that are accredited, affordable, flexible, and in-demand,” said Tim Pearson, Senior Director, Mercy College PLUS and Continuing Education.

1. A Healthcare Degree from a Healthcare Focused School

Online colleges give some people pause who suspect such institutions popped up overnight just to turn a profit. Rest assured, our tradition is over 120 years in the making. Since 1899, Mercy College has been transforming students into successful healthcare professionals. MercyPLUS continues this legacy by expanding online education options. With degrees developed in collaboration with national healthcare leaders and extensive hospital network, we ensure you’re prepared to make an immediate impact in your career when you graduate. You can earn your accredited online healthcare degree or certificate how and when it’s convenient for you.

2. Graduate Faster with Less Student DebtOnline Older Student

MercyPLUS delivers accelerated 10-week courses. The PLUS Factor? You can finish your degree and begin earning a competitive salary as a healthcare professional faster. PLUS, our flat-rate no-surprise tuition per quarter makes it more affordable to earn your degree. In fact, many programs are designed to be completed for around $10,000 or less.

The most recent student loan default rate for Mercy College students was just 2.8%, compared to 7.3% as a national average.1 These statistics – combined with our high job placement rates – show that MercyPLUS students graduate well-positioned for success with high-paying jobs that enable them to pay back loans at a rate unparalleled by other local or national institutions.

3. Your Classroom Can Be Anywhere

Class attendance is one of the biggest obstacles for college students. Car trouble, bad weather, traffic, a bad hair day — so many things can prevent you from getting to class. MercyPLUS removes many of these obstacles by bringing the classroom directly to your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Study from the comfort of your favorite lazy chair, that coffee shop around the corner, your breakroom, or basically anywhere you have access to an internet connection.

According to Pearson, the popularity of online learning has increased tremendously since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Quarantine showed us that the learning doesn’t Online Man Diversehave to stop because you aren’t physically on campus,” he said. “When colleges shut down, people were forced to stay home, and online courses became the only option, many students realized it actually suited their lifestyle better.”

4. A Start Date for Every Season

You could say that MercyPLUS is a four-seasons program. Our courses are offered with four starts per year — winter, spring, summer, and fall. This means you never have to wait long to get started. PLUS, each course is offered in 10-week quarters, so you can start and finish your healthcare degree faster. According to Pearson, “MercyPLUS students have more flexibility when it comes to course scheduling, which is especially advantageous for working adults.”

5. Be Part of an Online Student Body

Pursuing your degree online doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. From the time you enroll to your eventual graduation day, you will enjoy the same quality education experience as our on-campus students. MercyPLUS courses include live virtual classes and group sessions that provide ample opportunities to engage with classmates and faculty. Still got questions? See how online learning works.

“While the courses are designed for independent study, there are so many opportunities for collaboration and interacting with fellow students,” said Pearson. “Because of this, Online Students LearningMercyPLUS students are often surprised by the number of relationships they make during their online education. Just like for our on-campus students, the experience is really what you make of it.”

6. Generous Transfer Credit Acceptance

Did your college journey start elsewhere? Finish it here. MercyPLUS offers a generous credit transfer policy from accredited institutions. Transfer credit is limited to 90 semester hours and often, the courses accepted as transfer credit apply toward degree requirements. Have questions? Our experienced faculty, advisors, and admissions counselors make transferring to MercyPLUS easy and personal.

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1 2021 Federal Student Aid, U.S. Department of Education