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Printing and Copying

How many pages do I get per semester?

The College allots each student 100 pages per semester for printing or copying.

Can I still print if I use up my quota?

Students who use up their quota can print/copy at the cost of $0.10 per page. This is done by adding money to the print account using the add-credit station in the library print/copy area.

When will I get my pages for the semester?

New accounts are set up (and old quotas refreshed) before and during the first week of classes.

What if I don’t use all my pages for the semester?

Pages not used will carry over to the next semester, whether these pages are from the College-alloted quota or paid for by students. Because these pages are indiscriminately combined in the system, no refunds are offered on print control balances. If the student leaves Mercy College, print accounts and balances will be set to zero.

Can I print from my laptop?

No – wireless laptops are not part of the Mercy network. Only computers inside the Mercy network are authorized to use the network printers; because the wireless network exists separately from the local network, where the printers and workstations exist, wireless laptops won’t be able to communicate with the other devices, and consequently are unable to print.

Who do I contact with print / copy issues?

Contact IT Technical Support for assistance with print/copy issues.



Student Email Access

When are new accounts created?

New email accounts are created shortly after you register for classes.

What is my login information?

New User ID:
User ID example for George Thompson is

What's my New Password?

You initial password is set to an unshared long random string of characters.  Use this link to reset your password using the email you used for your Mercy College application. 

What do I do if I register late?

Contact IT Technical Support for email access and the D2L Technical Support for learning management system access.

How do I access my student email?

Visit to login.

Can I use Yahoo / Hotmail / Gmail / etc. instead?

Students are expected to check their MCHS student email regularly.

Can I forward my student email to another account?

Email forwarding is allowed for MCHS student email.

I’m also a Mercy Medical Center employee. Can I merge my accounts, or forward one to the other?

Presently, no. This is because student email exists on its own network, separate from the Medical Center and College faculty/staff accounts, accounts can not be merged between the two. However, student email can be forwarded, see previous question for instructions.

What happens to my email when I graduate?

Students are allowed to retain their student email accounts after graduation as an alumni career resource.



Purchasing and Educational Discounts

Can I buy computers/software/etc. at a discount because I am a student?

Many retailers and manufacturers sell computer products at an educational discount. Generally, students and educators are be required to provide proof of their enrollment/affiliation with an educational institution.

Does Mercy College sell software at a discount?

Presently, no. Because Mercy College doesn’t have a bookstore, we don’t have any outlet for software retail.



Supported Software Versions

What programs does Mercy College use?

Mercy College uses Microsoft Office and Windows. While the College computers can accommodate other document types, using file formats compatible with Microsoft Office is strongly recommended. Students submitting files in other formats may be asked to resubmit their files.

I don’t have Microsoft Office, can I get it through Mercy College?

Mercy College of Health Sciences students may download and install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, a full version of Office software, including: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Students can install the software on several devices, including PCs, Macs and tablets. Users may also access Office mobile applications on iPhones and Android phones. The software has the same features and functions as other versions of Office and can be used offline; however, users must connect to the Internet once every 30 days to verify they are still eligible for the program. Office 365 ProPlus is being offered through Mercy College in partnership with Microsoft. Instructions for download are available here.



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