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Students who have a financial aid package which exceeds tuition and fees may wish to access all or a portion of the excess aid to purchase books and supplies through the online bookstore, the trusted textbook and course material provider for Mercy College.


If you have excess aid and wish to purchase books and supplies, please submit the Book Voucher Request Form displayed below. The College will review your submission and notify you by email of our decision within two business days after the date you submit the request. Submissions after 3:30 pm are considered submitted on the next business day.

Our reply email will be sent to your Mercy College email account. The email will indicate if the request was approved or denied. A request will be denied if the amount requested exceeds the amount of excess financial aid available.

Any Pell Grant recipient whose total Title IV aid for the term exceeds the full cost of tuition should contact the Vice President of Business and Regulatory Affairs at (515) 643-6621 before the seventh day of the term IF the books or supplies required for the term are not available through the online bookstore.

If the amount actually spent is less than the amount of the approved book voucher, the student’s account will be adjusted accordingly and a refund check will be issued to the student within 5 weeks of the first day of the 15-week term.

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