In addition to outstanding acute care settings to enhance your education, Mercy College students have several unique opportunities to participate in life-changing experiences that will open your eyes to the world outside our doors and add relevance to your healthcare education. Mercy College students are invited to enroll in these cultural immersion and service learning opportunities:

In the Yucatan state of Mexico where you could, as part of a humanities course:

  • Experience the music, cuisine, and people of the Yucatan.
  • Learn about the ancient Mayan culture and its living heritage.
  • Grow in knowledge of Mexican health care services, access, coverage, and policies.
  • Have the opportunity to serve marginalized populations.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of cross cultural issues between the US and Mexico.

On the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota where you could, as part of a Community Health Nursing course:

  • Gain a holistic respect for cultures of those other than yourself, by experiencing sacred areas and rituals not often seen by outsiders.
  • Learn about one of the most socioeconomic depressed regions in North America, where health disparities hold many back from reaching their potential.
  • Use your skills in service of the local community including at the tribal elementary school, nursing school, and community center.

For those students who are located in central Iowa, you could:

  • Care for inmates at the Polk County Jail.
  • Provide healthcare support at the Central Iowa Shelter & Services serving the underserved population in their onsite health clinic.
  • Visit the unsheltered population in tent camps around Des Moines to provide much needed health services.