Mercy College contracts with Follet to handle the sale of textbooks and supplemental course packets used in courses taught at the College.  The store sells both new and used textbooks online and at the retail location on Mercy College's campus.

The store also purchases used textbooks from students at the end of each semester through a book buy-back program.  Contact the store for more information.

Location and Operating Hours

Students can purchase textbooks on campus in Brennan Hall, Room 137. The bookstore will have regular operating hours each term (see Quick Info panel for current hours). Hours may be adjusted periodically to reflect student purchasing patterns and business needs. As a result, the bookstore offers the following additional order and delivery options:

How to Order Textbooks

 1.) ‚ÄčCall the Mercy Bookstore at (515) 274-3403 

 2.) Go online to 

Textbook Delivery Options:

  1. Select In-store Pick-up.  Place order by 4:00pm (Monday –Friday) and have it available for pick-up from Missy Chapman at the Sullivan Center reception desk.  If the book is in stock, it will be available after noon the next business day.
  2. Select direct shipping.  Your order will be shipped to your residence for a fee.  Standard shipping is $7.50.  Other fees may apply and rates are subject to change.

Voucher Request

Students may submit an online book voucher request for purposes of purchasing textbooks and supplies through the bookstore. Request voucher.