NAEMT’s Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) course is the first EMS education program that fully addresses how to best assess and manage the most common medical crises in patients, offering a "think outside the box" methodology. It is for all levels of practitioners with a strong commitment to patient care, including emergency medical technicians, paramedics, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurse anesthetists and physicians.


AMLS is a 2 day course and emphasizes the use of scene size-up, history, interactive group discussion on potential treatment strategies, and physical exam to systematically rule out and consider possibilities and probabilities in treating patients’ medical crises. The course offers an initial assessment-based approach that progresses to a diagnostic-based approach to quickly develop the best treatment plan.

Attendance of the entire program as well as scoring at least 76% on the written examination and successfully passing a simulated patient scenario as a Team Leader is required for course completion and certification.

Books: This link will take you to the website to purcase the AMLS book. Students must have access to a book before, during, and after class. You may purchase the AMLS book by clicking on the link below.

Advanced Medical Life Support

Cost: $180 per participant