Wireless Internet

Mercy College provides free wireless Internet for students on campus, which will appear under the wireless network name, Students.  Users of the wireless network must agree to 'Terms and Conditions' prior to use.  For more information, please refer to the PDF Wireless Network Access.

Campus Computer Resources

Mercy College provides computer workstations in three computer labs on campus plus the library. Students have access to equipment and software applications that are needed for academic assignments.

Laboratory computers use Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2013. To ensure compatibility, saving files in a format compatible with Office 2010 is recommended. 

Printing and Photocopying

All student computer labs and the library have multi-function devices that allow students to print, photocopy, and scan documents to email. When printing in a computer lab, students will be prompted for their student username and password. To photocopy, small release devices have been placed in each computer lab that require the student username and password. Students receive $10 in credit each semester to cover essential printing and copying. Students can add money to their accounts for additional copies throughout the semester by visiting the add-credit station in the library copy area. Copies and print-outs are charged at $.10 per page. Instructions for using each of the devices are posted in each computer lab.