Campus Ministry at Mercy College provides opportunities where students, faculty and staff are offered a variety of ways to explore, challenge, develop and live out their faith.

Rooted in the heritage of the Sisters of Mercy, Campus Ministry promotes the institution's Catholic Christian values unifying the community with retreats, service, friendship and prayer. Located in Brennan Hall, Campus Ministry offers a warm and welcoming place where members of the community gather to share stories, reflect on their spirituality and seek support and pastoral guidance.

Campus Ministry's programs are inclusive of all faith backgrounds and designed to make every student, faculty and staff member feel comfortable and welcome in our Mercy College family. Whether experiencing a retreat activity, a community building event, participating in one of our community service projects or praying together in our chapel, Campus Ministry offers opportunities to explore one's spirituality and develop one's faith.

Daily Prayer

As we begin each day at Mercy College, a prayer is distributed by e-mail so that those who are so inclined can begin the day praying together.

As a Catholic institution of higher learning, Mercy College’s mission is rooted in the call of the Gospel to serve those in need. At the same time, we recognize the richness of our diverse community, including the multiple faith traditions we observe.

As you read or hear these prayers, we invite you to draw upon your own beliefs and reflect upon the spiritual gifts found in caring for one another.

May you find meaning in these prayers, along with many blessings while a member of our campus community.

Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Direction

Whether this is your first semester in college or if you are a "seasoned" college student, it doesn't take long to realize that college life sometimes can be very complex and challenging. This is especially true if you are away from home for the first time, balancing a full time student schedule and also working, married and in a significant relationship, or a parent raising children. There are times when these situations create moments of sadness, stress, anxiety and other emotional and spiritual hurdles.

Because you are important to our community and your success in preparing for a career as a healthcare provider is a high priority for us, campus ministry is here to offer you support and encouragement during these complex and challenging moments.

Special Prayer Intentions

Here at Mercy College, we pray for all those in need in our college, in our community and in our world who make special requests. We invite you to make your own prayer request using the online form or by writing your request in our prayer intention book located in the entry way of the Brennan Hall Chapel.

These intentions will be remembered in the prayers and masses offered in our chapel throughout each week.