Critical Care Paramedic

Become a Critical Paramedic (CCP). Students in Critical Care Paramedic Program may already be a paramedic, nurse, or respiratory therapist who is a member of the critical care transport team providing advanced critical care to patients during inter-facility transports, including performing advanced clinical patient assessments and providing invasive care beyond the standard scope of advanced pre-hospital care.

This seven-week course includes classroom and skills labs instruction enhanced by cadaver lab experiences for students.

Upon successful completion, the student will receive a renewable certificate from the University of Maryland at Baltimore County (UMBC) valid for three years. CCP may be taken as a preparation to sit for the Certified Flight Paramedic (FP-C) exam.

This course meets the highest standard set forth by the National Association of EMS Educators Endorsement Committee and is the first nationally recognized course for critical care transport and the requirements for Iowa CCP endorsement.

Clinical Experience

The clinical rotations are designed to expose the CCP student to the unique care provided to critically ill or injured patients. CCP students will also perform rotations with local aeromedical providers.

Students are required to complete the Critical Care Unit rotations to be eligible for Iowa CCP endorsement.