Bachelor of Science Programs

Mercy College offers five bachelor of science programs, each of which allows you to continue working while pursuing a college degree. The programs are based upon a foundation of liberal arts and sciences that is essential for an informed and productive career. 

Associate of Science and Certificate Programs

A Mercy College associate of science degree is designed primarily to prepare students for immediate employment upon degree completion and the successful passage of necessary licensure/certification tests for the respective field. The programs also prepare graduates to continue their education at the bachelor level in various programs, like those offered by Mercy College.

Four of the seven associate degrees here at Mercy College – nursing, physical therapist assistant, radiological technology, diagnostic medical sonography – will require you to enroll for two consecutive years to complete.

However, several of our certificate programs - medical assisting, paramedic, surgical technology - allow you to complete the first year of your professional education, thus earning a certificate in less than 12 months, and still sit for your licensure/certification. You can then seek employment in your new profession and return to complete your associate and bachelor’s degrees with the help of tuition reimbursement from many area healthcare employers.

Academic Minors for Baccalaureate Degrees

The Academic Minor consists of 15 to 20 credit hours in a secondary area or field of study for baccalaureate degree candidates. Students may choose to add a minor to their studies to supplement their major, develop specialization in a particular area of interest, acquire additional knowledge for career opportunities, or to pursue a personal passion or interest.

Information about Minors:

Students who already have the baccalaureate degree may complete the requirements for a minor but are not awarded a second baccalaureate degree. A minor is not required in order to earn a baccalaureate degree at Mercy College. Students do not need to be admitted to a minor in order to pursue the minor. Students who select a minor must earn at least nine (9) credit hours in their minor field of student at Mercy College of Health Sciences.

Available Minors:

Academic minor requirements are listed in the College Catalog.