Mercy College is pleased to announce that the generosity of our many donors and friends will make it possible to support Mercy College students with charitably-funded scholarships in excess of $490,000 during the 2016-17 academic year. 

There will be two scholarship rounds in the coming academic year. Applications are collected and shared with a group of volunteers who carefully read and select worthy candidates based on the submission of the materials shown below. Scholarship applications and essays must be submitted by the deadlines shown below. The Letter of Recommendation must also arrive by the deadline.

Academic Year 
Round Opens Round
First Round April 1 May 13 Fall/Spring/Summer
Second Round September 30 October 29 Spring/Summer

Scholarships awarded will be divided by the Mercy College Financial Aid Office across all semesters enrolled. If you will graduate from your current program of study before the end of the year, your scholarship will be divided across the semesters anticipated for completion of your degree. Scholarship awards in excess of tuition expenses will not be reimbursed to the recipient. Unused scholarship money is not carried forward into the next academic year.

Students seeking scholarship support for the 2016-17 academic year need to follow a three-step application process for consideration:

The first step is to complete the Mercy College Scholarship Common Application online. Depending on your answers to questions provided, you will be screened for consideration across all available scholarships. If you choose to leave questions blank, your lack of an answer may affect the scholarships available to you. You must positively authorize release of your academic grade point average by the Registrar’s Office and information provided on the Free Application of Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) from the Financial Aid Office in order to compete for nearly all scholarships available from Mercy College and its donors.

The second step is to select someone whom you can call upon to provide an electronic Letter of Recommendation in support of your application. In order to place yourself in the best possible light with the volunteer review committee, it would be best if you asked someone with the most information on your academic success/effort, clinical skills or personality in the following order (ranked highest to lowest in impression):

1. Mercy College classroom professor
2. Mercy College clinical instructor
3. Higher education classroom instructor - any institution
4. High school science teacher
5. High school teacher – any other subject
6. High school counselor
7. Health care employer/manager
8. Current employer – any industry
9. Your religious leader (eg. priest, minister, rabbi, imam)

At no time should a member of your family, who may fit one of these categories, complete the Letter of Recommendation.

The third step is to prepare an essay of less than 1,000 words on the topic shown on the form. It is important that this essay reflect your beliefs on the topic and include examples that will help to provide an understanding of who you are for members of the volunteer selection committee. Care should be taken to develop an essay that answers the question, and is free of both grammatical errors and contains appropriate sentence structure. Do not distract from your story by allowing proofreading errors to slip through. Opportunities to obtain writing assistance are available in the Student Success Center. Staff members in External Affairs are happy to read a draft of your essay up to one week in advance of the deadline to allow you time to make possible additions/corrections.

If you are selected as a recipient of a scholarship, you will be expected to agree in advance, that the College may publicly disclose your receipt of a scholarship as part of our recognition program for students and donors. This expectation can be overridden if you contact by email the External Affairs Office within one week (7 days) of receipt of your scholarship award letter.