Click here for CastleBranch Frequently Asked Questions.

CastleBranch is a platform that allows students to order their background check and submit documentation to meet clinical requirements online. Information collected through CastleBranch is secure, tamper-proof and kept confidential. Student background check results and clinical requirements will be posted on the website where the student, as well as Mercy College, can view them.

CastleBranch also provides students with access to additional features including document storage, portfolio builders and reference tools. Students will utilize some of these features during their professional program. 

Steps to Purchase CastleBranch

  1. Access the website
  2. To begin the process, enter your designated package code into the "PLACE ORDER" field.
  3. You will then see a screen that contains the school’s information, the package contents, and pricing information. The cost of a package is $90 - $115, depending on your program. To move ahead you will need to check the box stating you agree to the terms of the site and click on the "CONTINUE ORDER" button.
  4. The following screen will prompt you to enter personal information.  It is important you use your Mercy College student email account as your email address.
  5. Once you have entered the personal information and set up your account a To-Do List will generate.  This will include the Child and Adult release form you will need to address IMMEDIATELY for the background check. 
    1. Processing of these forms can take 45 days, please do not delay in completing them.
    2. When completing the Adult and Child Abuse Release Form please fill out the form in its entirety by only filling out the highlighted boxes.  Sign and date where indicated.  Do not electrically sign the form as this will cause the form to be rejected.  Completed form can be faxed or emailed.
  6. CastleBranch will update your account with due dates for each requested item.  Please pay attention to these dates, as they update and change throughout the duration of the program.  Emails will be sent to notify you of new due dates, please pay attention to these emails.
  7. You can submit your documents 3 different ways
    1. Scan and Upload –located in the library for student use.
    2. iPhone App
    3. Fax