Student Senate

Student Senate

Student Senate members foster communication, positive relationships and unity among students, faculty, and administration by participating in college-wide committees and initatives. 


Student Senate will promote leadership and communication in the pursuit of knowledge with the core values of reverence, integrity, compassion, and excellence.


Each year Student Senate establishs goals such as raising funds to support charities, provide refreshments during final exam week, and participate in leadership and service learning opportunities. 

Elected Members 2016-17

  • Taylor Coakley, President
  • Victoria Lentz, Vice President
  • Hailee Mauro, Treasurer
  • Amanda Devnich, Secretary
  • Allison Verheyen, Senator
  • Miranda Riegel, Senator
  • Sara Ryan, Senator
  • Ashley Lewis, Senator
  • Larissa Michalek, Senator


If you have a passion for leadership consider running for a position in Student Senate. As a Student Senate representative you have an opportunity to effect change on behalf of your fellow students.  Elections occur each September.