Courses Regularly Taught

  • PHYSICS 101 (with lab)
  • PHYSICS 102 (with lab)

Year Started at Mercy College 2013


  • Liberal Arts and Sciences 


  • B.S. - Physics; Minor, Russian - Utah State University (2008)
  • Ph.D. - Physics - University of Wisconsin, Madison (2013)

Research Interests and Professional Projects

  • Micro- and nano-scale manipulations of biomaterials used in tissue-engineering applications; particular interest in neuroscience applications.
  • Dissertation Title: Neuronal Outgrowth on Patterned Surfaces: Effects of Geometry, Scale, and Superposition of Topographical and Chemical Cues

Recent Publications/Presentations

  • Hart, Steven R., et al. "Adhesive micro-line periodicity determines guidance of axonal outgrowth." Lab on a Chip 13.4 (2013): 562-569.

Advice to Students/Favorite Quote

  • Trust in the goodness of people around you - this will make you happy. Trust in your ability to be successful - this will make you confident. Trust in the possibility of improving the world - this will make you hopeful. Trust that you are loved - this will give you peace.