Mercy College Professional Development

Professional development is a continuum of opportunities for all faculty, staff, and administrators to prepare and respond to evolving student needs and equity measurements of student success and support.

Mercy College of Health Sciences' professional development program:

  • Uses a variety of approaches to instill teaching, learning, and service to students
  • Aims to provide employees throughout the college with resources, continuing education, and opportunities that support professional development needs.



  • Annual campus-wide conference to sharpen staff and faculty general knowledge and skillsets on an array of topics including emotional intelligence, diversity, technology, and higher ed course development.


Emotional Intelligence - Stephanie Salasek [Video]

Technology & IT 

Advanced Microsoft Word: Formatting Documents [Video]

Staying out of Email Jail [PDF]

Cultural Diversity

Respecting Religious & Spiritual Differences [PPT]

Food Insecurities: Our College Community Responsibility [PDF]

Higher Ed & Course Development

Information Resources and Information Expectations [PPT]

All About the A's: Advising & Admissions [PPT]

Why Open-book Tests Deserve a Place in Your Courses [Article]

10 Recommendations for Improving Group Work [Article]



Request for Professional Development Conference