A health care education is very stressful due in part to the curricula but also the fact that students face many difficult and very personal interactions while attending clinical sessions.  Learning to juggle the rigor of studying large amounts of textbook knowledge and then translating that information into interactions with people of all ages is quite an accomplishment – that’s where parents and families can help.

During his or her education at Mercy College, your student will be strongly encouraged to reduce outside commitments – work for example – in order to dedicate a greater portion of their time to study and preparation for clinical experiences.  While the final decision on how to juggle these pursuits is ultimately the student's, you can help to provide the support system they may need in the months ahead.

As future healthcare workers, students will need to develop their own support system to cope with the inevitable pressures associated with providing direct patient care.  As a member of one of our student’s families, we hope you’ll find ways to support him or her.