With a vote of the Mercy College Board of Directors on May 14, 2012, the Mercy College Alumni Association was established. The new association was the result of a yearlong planning process involving members of the Mercy College Nursing Alumni Association and graduates of various allied health programs at Mercy College who were nominated by their respective academic program chairs to investigate the possibility of merging the active nursing group and the inactive allied health association.

Following a series of task force meetings and discussions, a purpose statement and governing principles were developed and reviewed by College legal counsel. These documents were created to guide the organization and its advisory committee, in place of formal incorporation within the state of Iowa. The purpose statement and governing principles can be found here.

The new organization will operate under the direction of the Vice President of External Affairs, with operating revenue and expenses managed as a college function. The new organization will no longer collect annual operating dues, opting instead to structure event pricing to reflect anticipated expenses. All graduates of Mercy College and/or its predecessor educational programs established by Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa that later affiliated with Mercy College will automatically become members of the association.

The advisory committee of the Mercy College Alumni Association, as structured, may include representatives from any College academic program (certificate, associate or bachelor degree). Terms of service will be for three-year, and may be renewed twice for a total of nine years.  

Association Purpose

The Mercy College Alumni Association purpose will include:

  1. promoting interaction and professional networking among graduates;
  2. providing on-going educational opportunities for graduates;
  3. soliciting philanthropic support from graduates for the benefit of the strategic purposes of Mercy College;
  4. distributing scholarships to qualifying students of Mercy College that have been established by graduates with the expressed intent that the Association would administer the selection of worthy candidates; and
  5. engaging graduates in meaningful dialogue concerning the affairs of Mercy College.

Alumni Involvement

Those graduates interested in getting more involved as a member of the advisory committee are invited to contact the College to be connected with the Nominating Committee for more information about upcoming openings on the committee.

Alumni Association Purpose and Governing Principles

The Advisory Committee is made up of up to 25 representatives from each of the three schools currently graduating students (Allied Health, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Nursing).