Through thoughtful consideration and review, the scholarship application process has been revised and streamlined to consist of a single application component. Please follow the link at the right to apply.

Mercy College Scholarship Philosophy:

We are pleased to offer students various scholarship opportunities and thank the generous charitable giving by our donors. Mercy College Scholarships are awarded to current and incoming students to help with college financing and related expenses. Scholarships provide recipients the opportunity to complete their desired program of study at Mercy College of Health Sciences.

Scholarships will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  1. Criteria established by donor and/or scholarship fund (e.g. minority student, GPA, semester in academic program). Please see the scholarship offerings page for more detail.
  2. Financial need, in order from greatest to least.
  3. Student’s response to short answer questions completed during the application process.

Please be advised, you must have a 2.00 cumulative incoming or current Mercy College GPA to be considered for Mercy College scholarships. You must also have been accepted to Mercy College of Health Sciences to be awarded a scholarship. Although we encourage every student to complete a FAFSA, a FAFSA is not required to apply or be awarded a scholarship. However, the lack of a FAFSA will substantially limit the number of scholarships you may be considered for due to criteria established by the donor or scholarship fund.