What are the General College/Program Admission Requirements

An applicant may be admitted to the College as a high school graduate, transfer student, high school completion, or home school student. Visit College Admission Requirements for detailed information.

Each professional program has admission requirements beyond those for General College Admission.  Visit Program Admission Requirements for details.

How do I obtain my transcripts from my current school?

Applicants should contact their high school guidance office and/or their college Registrar’s office and request that they be sent to our Admissions Office. Transcripts are considered official only when they are mailed via post-mail in a sealed envelope. Faxed or student-issued transcripts are not considered official.

If I have been to a previous college, do I need to send my High School transcripts to Mercy College?

To be considered for admission all applicants must send their high school transcripts to the Admissions Office for review. (Exception: Applicants applying for the following programs DO NOT need to submit high school transcripts: EMT, CCP, CLS and BSN.)

Will my credits from another college transfer into Mercy College?

Mercy College is an accredited college; therefore credits can transfer into as well as out of Mercy College. All transferable credits have to be cleared through the Registrar.

How will I find out about my application status?

Mercy College's preferred method of communication is through email. It is the responsibility of applicants to keep the College Admissions Office informed of their preferred email address for all correspondence. Students who lack email access should contact the Admissions Office early in the process to establish an alternate communication method.

The Admissions Office will email you within a week to confirm receipt of your application.  Email communication will continue until all transcripts have been received by the Admissions Office. Once all requested transcripts have been received by the Admissions Office, you will receive a confirmation email that your application and transcripts will be reviewed for Admission. The review process can take 4-6 weeks. You will receive a letter on your acceptance status after the review process has been completed.

Can I be considered for Mercy College Admissions if I did not take the ACT or SAT?

Applicants who have not taken the ACT are required to complete nine (9) applicable college credits at an accredited college prior to enrollment in a degree program. This coursework can be completed at Mercy College following college admission.

Do I have to be certified in CPR?

Clinical programs require students to be certified in American Heart Association CPR for the Healthcare Provider. You will be notified upon program admission if you are required to be CPR certified. 

If you have not met this requirement, click here to view course and registration information and the schedule of classes. Classes fill quickly, so register as early as possible.

Can international students attend Mercy College?

Mercy College is not able to issue certificates of eligibility and degrees for non-immigrant students (I-20).

When do classes begin?

Mercy College runs on a semester calendar year.

Fall term – August
Spring term – January
Summer term – May (15-week) and June (10-week)

Click here to view specific program start dates.

How long can a Mercy College student expect to be in school?

Many degrees can be obtained in a varied of lengths due to our year-round course schedule, your available transfer credits, and the accelerated format of our coursework. 

Certificate Programs – 1 year (3 consecutive semesters)
Associate Programs – 2 years (5-6 consecutive semesters)
Bachelor Programs – 2 - 6 years (Accelerated BSN can be completed in 1 year)

Does Mercy College offer Summer Classes?

Once students start their desired certificate or degree program, attendance in the summer semester may be required. Liberal Arts and Science courses are also offered during the summer.