Graduation Requirement

To promote a culture of service throughout the college, all students seeking an Associates or Bachelor’s degree are required to complete a minimum of 15 documented hours of Service Learning. To find out more about how to complete these hours, students may refer to the resource links located on the right. Students should talk to their advisor, program chair, or instructors for program specific information.

Mercy College Service Learning Definition:

Service Learning is an experiential learning opportunity that mutually benefits the provider and recipient of service, enhances academic objectives, meets a community-defined need and encourages a college-wide culture of service. These goals are accomplished through specified project objectives, a structured service activity, and guided reflection.

Why is there a Service Learning Requirement?

To build upon the legacy of the Sisters of Mercy, promote a culture that values service, and acknowledge the higher purpose of higher education institutions, Mercy College includes a Service Learning component within its curriculum. 

Goals for the Service Learning component are:

  • To create a rich context for learning that will enable joining theory with experience and thought with action.
  • To apply discipline-specific and interdisciplinary knowledge as well as critical thinking skills to community defined needs.
  • To foster knowledge, sensitivity, and the challenging of assumptions in regards to various topics such as cultural competence, leadership skills, social justice issues, and community needs - especially as these topics apply to health science.
  • To build community connections and foster ongoing communication with community members, agencies, groups, and organizations.