Have you identified a journal article, book, or other important resource that you need-- that Mercy College does not own? Don’t settle for what is on hand.  Use our request form!. We will borrow a hard copy or secure an electronic copy of a title from another library for you. The form is linked here, but read the below first. 

Who can use the request form?
Current Mercy College students, faculty, and staff may use the request form.

Are there any limitations?
You cannot request items that Mercy College owns, but are on reserve. You cannot request textbooks.  Some items, such as movies, music, recently-published books, bestsellers, and rare materials can be difficult to obtain as many libraries do not lend them to other libraries.

Is there a cost for the service?
There is no charge for most loans.  If we are not able to borrow an item free of charge, we will contact you for your approval before committing to pay for any item.  Mercy College will not cover the cost for the loan itself.  

How many items can I request?
Students may have 5 active requests at a time. A request is active from the time you submit it until it is returned to the lending library (for hard copy items) or delivered to your email (for PDFs). Currently, there is no "lifetime limit" on the number of  requests for faculty and staff.

How can I request an item?
First, make sure that Mercy College Library does not own the item by searching the Current Journal List  or the Mercy College Library Catalog (for books). If the Library does not own it, use the link above to send the request.

When will my items arrive? How will I know?
Articles and electronic documents typically arrive in less than 5 days. Hard copy items (primarily books) typically arrive within 10 days. Items that are difficult to obtain may take longer. You will receive an email or a call from the library informing you that your items are ready to be picked up.  Electronic documents are delivered directly to you via a link in an email.

How long can I keep ILL items?
Your hard copy item will come with a paper slip indicating the due date, which is decided by the lending library. Most items can be borrowed for about four weeks. Please keep the slip that comes with your item, as this makes it easier for staff to process your items once they are returned.

May I renew materials borrowed?
You may request a renewal by emailing us at library@mchs.edu. The decision about whether items can be renewed is made by the lending library.