The 12 Lead ECG is a vital tool in the recognition of a cardiac emergency. In partnership with the medical community in Iowa and the American Heart Association, Mercy College of Health Sciences will assist in the effort to transform patient care for future victims of acute coronary syndrome. This innovative regional collaboration will work to ensure equipment compatibility, consistent training and uniform protocols exist for for both transporting and treating victims of acute coronary syndrome. The classes will review the recognition, assessment, and care of the patient suffering a cardiac emergency. Students in the class will also practice obtaining a 12 Lead ECG, and when possible, transmitting the ECG.

Identification of the gaps that lead to slower cardiac patient care and subsequently closing those gaps through education and process improvement is a goal of Mission Lifeline. These areas of focus are consistent with the 2015 American Heart Association recommendations for emergency cardiac care. Implementation of Mission: Lifeline over the next three years will be accomplished through collaboration between Iowa’s health systems, emergency medical services (EMS) providers, the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services, and others. Classes for the Introductory 12 lead ECG Education will be offered in several communities in Iowa by EMS educators recognized for their expertise in emergency cardiac care.