With the goal of optimizing our students' learning outcomes, the Mercy College of Health Sciences' Information Technology (IT) Department manages online learning resources, analyzes and troubleshoots issues related to online learning, and performs research related to online learning. Our IT personnel manage the Desire2Learn (D2L) online Learning Management System (LMS) and work closely with our faculty and Mercy College leaders to ensure highest quality instruction, as well as user-friendly, accessible course content and design within the online environment. 

Online Learning

Virtually every course taught at Mercy College includes an online learning component. Contents include a syllabus, calendar, and student grades, and can also include activities such as online discussions, educational videos, writing assignments, and other activities to enrich your learning experience. Please review our D2L resources page for more information about our LMS.

State and Federal Regulations

State and Federal laws affect how institutions can deliver distance education. Thus, Mercy College may be unable to offer online learning opportunities to students who do not reside in Iowa. If you are located in a state other than Iowa and wish to enroll in one of our online offerings, please contact us before enrolling to determine if we are able to offer online courses in your state. Email your inquiry to admissions@mchs.edu or call (515) 643-6715.

Student Complaint Process for Online Learners

In the event an online learning issue cannot be resolved by Mercy College, please view this Student Complaint Form to contact your State agency. An unresolved complaint may also be resolved via the Higher Learning Commission.