Bo Bonner, Director of Campus Ministry, joins Jon Leonetti to discuss various topics on the "Jon Leonetti In The Morning" show on Iowa Catholic Radio.

May 25, 2016:

Part 1: Trinity Sunday, The Errors of thinking the Trinity is too hard to think about, How the concept of the Trinity helps us understand God.

Part 2: How the concept of the Trinity helps us understand ourselves, The dignity of having vestiges of the Trinity within us, How this relates to Faith, Hope, and Love.


May 18, 2016:

Part 1: How Bad Bo Looks Without A Beard. What Makes a Book Great, What Makes a Book Good? How Do We Start Reading Better?

Part 2: Little Office of the Virgin Mary, Soccer Star in South America Quits and Becomes A Priest Instead, Putting Your “Game Face” On in Liturgy


May 11, 2016:

The time between the Ascension and Pentecost, the nature of fire and its likeness to the spiritual life.


May 4, 2016: 

Bo finds a house! St. Joseph’s help is real! Devotion to St. Joseph and the nature of the family and home.