Bo Bonner, Director of Campus Ministry, joins Jon Leonetti to discuss various topics on the "Jon Leonetti In The Morning" show on Iowa Catholic Radio.

June 29, 2016:

Part 1: On Dying Well. Dying Daily, "white martyrdom" of dying to self related to "red martyrdom" of being killed for the Faith.

Part 2: How to not be a "beige" Catholic. "Catholic" as more a noun than an adjective. "Keeping it weird" and the Sign of the Cross


June 27, 2016:

Bud Marr, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Mercy College and long time friend of Bo, talks to Jon about Ecclesiology, the role of the Church his conversion story, and what it is like to know Bo for over a decade.


June 22, 2016:

Part 1: "Moratorium" on Love. Love is not generically good. The best and the worst of things caused by Love.

Part 2: The Love of the Cross, God's Love as measure of all love, choosing to love a lower thing over a higher thing.


June 15, 2016:

Part 1: The importance of stories. How stories bind our communities together. How we have lost the ability to tell stories ourselves.

Part 2: The importance of "Mom and Grandma" stories. The modern mistake of thinking "stories" should be "documentaries." The imperative of Christians to tell their stories in dark times.


June 13, 2016:

Jon asks Bo on to talk about evil and sin in light of the attacks in Orlando.


June 8, 2016:

Part 1: The "one way" to holiness. Purity of heart. Doing the will of another.

Part 2: Vatican Commission on Hansen's Disease. Father Damien as Servant Leader. The Saints do the will of the Father.


June 1, 2016:

Part 1: The Feast of Corpus Christi, the importance of Bodies and Matter, King Hawaiian Bread Crumbs and Conversion, Processing with Jesus our King.

Part 2: Eucharistic miracles, The Finger of God touching our world, the delightful strangeness of Our Faith.