Bo Bonner, Director of Campus Ministry, joins Jon Leonetti to discuss various topics on the "Jon Leonetti In The Morning" show on Iowa Catholic Radio.

July 27, 2016:

Part 1: Bo and Jon talk about Father Jacques Hamel, the recently martyred 85 year old Priest in Normandy, France. He was slain by ISIS militants while celebrating Mass. What we can glean from his faithful example.

Part 2: Stories about St. John Paul II and St. Maxamillian Kolbe, and also St. Joan of Arc, and how they demonstrate the truth of the witness of martyrdom.


July 13, 2016:

Part 1: The difference Heaven makes, Heaven is not an epilogue—it is the “point,” Heaven is eternal and ever present, the Church Triumphant is even more real than the here and now.

Part 2: Bo helps Jon interviews the author Tim Matovina, who wrote Ministerio Hispano. Bo even gets to ask a question! 


July 7, 2016:

Part 1: Bo acts like he isn’t as broken up as he really is about Kevin Durant leaving OKC, How do we “woo” people into the Catholic Church, a relationship vs. an argument, “reasons” vs. “devotion.”

Part 2: “Assistant” vs. “Full” Professor, “wooing” vs “calculation,” our horrible, terrible, no-good understanding of romance in modern times and how that messes with our efforts to “woo” others into the Faith.