Brand Guidelines

Our brand standards celebrate our unique position in higher education. Following these standards allow us to effectively and consistently communicate the value of the College and its brand. To ensure correct and appropriate use of the Mecy College of Health Sciences overall brand including logo, colors, typography, and more, please download our Visual Identity Guide.

Download: Visual Identity Guide



Quietly sophisticated in its subtlety, this self-contained logo uses abstract shapes to create a recognizable icon that embodies the school’s holistic approach to health sciences.

The Mercy College purple flanks the logomark on either side, while the warm Mercy green symbolizes life and tradition. Reminiscent of a stained-glass window, this logo also brings to mind a set of doors in a hallway leading to more doors — in other words, it represents a wide variety of possibilities and opportunities. Embedded in the design, you’ll see the logo also contains an M for Mercy, an H for health sciences, and the Mercy cross to represent the school’s Catholic heritage.

Primary Logo

The primary logo is the preferred logo to be used. This applies to publications, websites social media, digital advertising, apparel, promotional materials, and all other collateral. Minimum size should never be smaller than 1.5” wide.

Color Logo DOWNLOAD »

White Logo DOWNLOAD »


Horizontal Logo

The horizontal logo is for limited use and is only to be used when the available space necessitates a horizontally oriented logo. Minimum size should never be smaller than 1.75” wide.


Mark/Icon Only

The icon, or mark, of the logo is for limited use by the Marketing Department. The mark is not to be used alone without prior permission from one of the brand management resources. Minimum print size is 0.5”


College Seal

The seal is restricted to presidential materials and official college documents, such as certificates and diplomas. The seal should never be used behind text or over photographs. Minimum print size is 1.25”



Color Palette

Purple is the primary color of Mercy College. The light and dark greens can be used as primary accents, and only in conjunction with the Mercy College purple. Dark green should be used sparingly.


Marketing Resources

PowerPoint Template

Letterhead for Print (PDF)

Editable Letterhead  (Word Doc)

Editable Flyer Template #1