Transferring Your Credits

Mercy College of Health Sciences accepts courses offered by regionally accredited institutions of higher learning. Courses accepted as transfer credit may apply toward degree requirements and must be of comparable content and length to Mercy College courses. Developmental courses are exempt from this policy unless judged by the Student Affairs Office to be equivalent to those offered at the College and accepted for credit.

Transfer of credit is evaluated in chronological order. Transfer of credit from a two-year college is limited to 60 semester hours and credit for work completed beyond this total must be from a bachelor’s degree-granting institution. Transfer of credit from a bachelor’s degree-granting institution is limited to 90 semester hours. A minimum grade of “C” (not “C-”) is required for transfer credit. Transfer grades are not used to calculate Mercy College cumulative grade point average (GPA). Transfer credit for the BSN program is evaluated based on the Iowa Board of Nursing Articulation Plan.

Mercy College does not accept transfer credit for PHI 110 Critical Thinking in a Diverse World (3cr), and PHI 280/NSG 280/PST 280 Caring in a Diverse Health Care Environment (3cr), PHI 301 Critical Thinking (3cr), and PHI 302 Applied Critical Thinking (3cr).

Once admitted and enrolled in a program of study at Mercy College students may be permitted to transfer up to three credit hours of applicable liberal arts and sciences courses from another institution while enrolled in an associate degree program and up to three additional upper division credit hours of applicable liberal arts and sciences course after completion of an associate degree program while enrolled in a bachelor’s degree at the College. Students who transfer credit are expected to complete the same degree requirements as students who start at Mercy College.

Each program will establish appropriate time limit restrictions on courses that may be transferred to satisfy program requirements.

An Official Transcript

A transcript is considered official when stamped with the official school seal, signed by the appropriate school official and received in a sealed envelope. During the application process, request that official transcript(s) be sent to the Mercy College Admissions Office from your high school (if applicable) and any colleges you have attended. Students who have completed one class at a college/university or withdrew from one semester, must submit a transcript from that institution to the Admissions Office.

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