HLC Self Study Visit

Tentative Timeline for HLC Accreditation Self-Study and Site Visit 2013-2014

Fall 2010:
  • Begin Preparation for HLC/NCA Self-Study and Site Visit
  • Co-Chairs of Steering Committee Named
Spring 2011:          
  • Members of Steering Committee Named
  • 1st Steering Committee Meeting, orientation
  • College contingency attend Annual Meeting of the HLC
  • Alpha Version of the Criterion announced at HLC Annual Meeting
Summer 2011:
  • Steering Committee Meetings continue
  • Beta Version of the Criterion Announced
  • Theme identified
Fall 2011:
  • College Kick-Off
  • Criterion Committee members named, orientation, 1st meeting
  • Criterion Committees begin identifying vital documents
  • Application for Assessment Academy submitted and accepted
Winter/Spring 2012
  • Final version of The New Criterion: Delta Version announced
  • College contingency attend HLC Annual Meeting and Self-Study Workshop
  • Criterion Committees continue working on outlines
  • Team attends Assessment Academy orientation and 1st planning session
Summer 2012
  • Criterion Committees complete outlines
  • 1st rough draft of self-study completed
  • Professional Development activity with College faculty/staff using 1st Rough Draft
Fall 2012:
  • Student forums for input to self-study
  • Revise and revise draft
Winter/Spring 2012-2013:
  • Editor begins review of 1st draft
  • Steering Committee reviews draft
  • Student forums for input to self-study
Summer 2013:
  • Continue to review and revise self-study with internal/external constituents
  • Identify team to assist with preparation of physical and digital Resource Room
Fall 2013 or Spring 2014
(as determined by HLC selection of Site Visit date):
  • Submit self study
  • Mock Visit
  • Site Visit