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Student Email Account

Students receive a Mercy College email account during College Orientation & Registration. Students are expected to check email regularly for classwork and college announcements.

Username and Password

Username Format:

  • Example:


Password Format: The default password is [lowercase middle initial] + [MMDDYY of birthday]

  • Example: m010209


Changing Your Password

Click here to change your MCHS Student Email Password.

For security purposes, it is very important that you change your password when its initially set up.

Automated Deletion

Certain email folders will automatically delete messages after a period of time.  The ‘Sent Items’ folder will only retain messages for 240 days, and the ‘Deleted Items’ folder will only retain messages for 30 days.  These settings have been configured to prevent mailbox storage from exceeding its quota.  Sent messages that need to be retained may be moved to another folder.


Mercy College does not support or endorse any specific internet email provider.  Students who choose to utilize email forwarding do so at their own risk.  MCHS is not responsible for the handling of email by external vendors or servers; email lost or misdirected due to forwarding does not absolve a student from responsibilities associated with email correspondence.

Click here to download directions for configuring email.

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Technical Support

Contact IT Technical Support if you are experiencing difficulties with your student email account.