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Facilities Information

Bookstore Vendor

The University Bookstore, 3003 Forest Avenue, Des Moines, provides a full range of retail services, including extended hours during the beginning of each semester, access to new and used versions of textbooks, telephone and online ordering at www.drakebookstore.com, year-round opportunities to sell books back after use, and a diverse selection of class supplies. A courier service can be utilized to have books delivered to Mercy College except during rush periods.

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Bulletin Boards

Students may utilize bulletin boards by having appropriate items signed and dated at the Reception Desk.  Postings will be removed after two weeks. Students on campus may not post items on walls, doors or windows. The Facilities Manager (or designee) approves all postings.

Campus Accessibility

Mercy College of Health Sciences is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.  The College campus is handicapped accessible with designated handicapped parking, accessible doors for each building, elevators, ramps, and bathrooms that have been modified for accessibility.  Curb cuts are available at street intersections.  Curb cuts or ramps are available near handicapped parking for accessibility to sidewalks and building entrances.

For information related to campus or facilities accessibility or to request accommodations contact the Student Success Center.

Campus Safety

Security policies and procedures are in accordance with Mercy Medical Center Public Safety Department. Questions about College safety policies should be addressed to the Vice President of Business and Regulatory Affairs or designee. Campus safety is covered during Professional Program Sessions.

Disclosure of Campus Security Policies and Crime Statistics

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act requires institutions receiving federal financial support to prepare an annual campus security report. This report contains statistics concerning the occurrence of certain crimes on campus, in or near certain non-campus buildings or property, and on public property. Crime statistics are reported to the U.S. Department of Education annually.  The report also includes statements of Mercy College’s policies and procedures for campus security and the reporting of crimes. In accordance with the law, campus crimes reports and policies are made available on the College website at www.mchs.edu/campus/security. Crime statistics are submitted to the U.S. Department of Education annually and can be viewed on the Office of Postsecondary Education’s website: http://ope.ed.gov/security/search.asp.

Evening Security Staff

Throughout the academic semester, a private security officer is stationed on campus to respond to student and staff needs.  The officer is available from dusk through 11 p.m.  Throughout the shift, the officer patrols the campus and provides a campus security presence to support Mercy Medical Center Public Safety staff.  Students are encouraged to contact the evening security officer to report concerns or to request escorts to student vehicles.  The officer is located at the Sullivan Center Reception Desk.

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ID Badge Requirement

The Mercy College student identification badge is required to be visibly worn when on campus or in clinical settings at all times. At orientation and registration sessions, students complete paperwork to be submitted to Mercy Public Safety in order to be issued their badge. Badges are required to access campus buildings, parking lots, printing access and Mercy Medical Center clinical areas.   Students enrolled in online programs who use library services on campus will need to complete paperwork to obtain a badge so they have access to the library.

Materials Safety Data Sheets

The Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) or Safety Data Sheets (SDS) book is located at the Sullivan Center Receptionist Desk. A MSDS/SDS is designed to provide both workers and emergency personnel with the proper procedures for handling or working with a particular substance. These are particularly useful if a spill or other accident occurs. An MSDS/SDS includes information such as physical data (melting point, boiling point, flashpoint, etc.), toxicity, health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage, disposal, protective equipment, and spill/leak procedures.

Procedures for Campus Emergency Notification

During orientation and registration students have the option to provide the College with cell phone text or email information in case campus-wide communication is necessary.  Students may update their preferred communication method or telephone number/email address by contacting the Registrar. 

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Weather Emergencies

Weather-related class cancellations or emergencies affecting Mercy College will be announced on two media outlets serving central Iowa. Students are asked to listen to reports from radio station 1040 AM (WHO Radio) and/or the local television affiliate of NBC (WHO TV13). These announcements will generally indicate whether the cancellation affects day and/or evening classes. These announcements will also be posted on the College learning management system (E-LEOS).

For other Emergency Conditions and appropriate procedures on the College campus please go to the College website under "Emergency Conditions and Basic Responses" for more information.

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What to do in an Emergency

In an emergency, if immediate assistance is required, contact the Des Moines Police Department (9-911) and specify the location on campus, including the address or building name.

Fire Alarm/Code Red. Close all doors and use the stairs to exit the building. Do not use elevators. Fire extinguishers, sprinklers and alarms are located throughout all campus buildings (see diagrams posted in hallways).

Tornado Warning.

  • Building 1: Level 1 and 3 proceed to the Student Commons lower level; use first floor hallway for any overflow.   Building 1 Level 2 go to restrooms in offices or Student Commons lower level. 
  • Brennan Hall: proceed to restrooms or Classrooms 132 and 133.
  • Building 2: proceed to the south end of the first floor hallway or restrooms.
  • Sullivan Center: First floor proceed to Wellmark Room (SC 102), restrooms or interior study rooms in Library; Second Floor Hallway or restrooms.
  • Mercy Court: Garden Level to the inner hallway north of the elevators.  Mercy Court Level 1 go to the inner hallway and close all doors.
  • All areas: Stay away from windows.  Do not use elevators.  Wait in secure place until the all clear is announced by the public address system.

Bomb Threat/Code White. Vacate area and notify Medical Center Public Safety Office (247-3111). An immediate search will be conducted by Public Safety personnel. An object suspected to be a bomb should never be disturbed; trained personnel will handle all suspicious objects.

Hazardous Materials Bioterrorism/Code Orange. Contact the Receptionist (643-3180) immediately and provide information about the location of the hazardous materials spill and, if known, what chemicals are involved.  After hours, contact Mercy Public Safety (247-3111) and inform them of the nature of the hazard and the location on the College campus.

Disaster/City Alert. Students may be requested to assist with patients and families.

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Cash Machine (ATM)

An ATM machine, operated by Community Choice Credit Union, is available to students and is located in the Sullivan Center Vending Area.


Students are invited to use the Chapel for individual and group worship, reflection, and solitude. A weekly prayer service open to all members of the Campus Community is held at Noon on Tuesday throughout each semester. This ecumenical service is open to all.

Computer Resources

The Mercy College Computer Lab, located in Brennan Hall in Room 128, offers individual workstations including Internet access and is available to students during posted hours. Additional computer labs are located in Building 1, Room 122 and Building 2, Room 154.

Click here for computer lab hours and support.

Controlled Access to Facilities

The Sullivan Center's Northeast and Southwest entrances and the Mercy Court Admissions/Student Affairs door are unlocked during normal business hours.  Visitors have access to the College Receptionist during normal business hours in the Sullivan Center.  All other buildings are locked and may only be accessed with student identification badges.  All doors are locked in the evening and throughout the weekend.  The campus is periodically patrolled by Mercy Medical Center Public Safety Officers.  Student access is restricted after 10:00 p.m. and all day on holidays. 

Emergency Contact Updates

During orientation and registration students have the option to provide the College with information for an emergency contact person to reach in the event that someone is needed to act on behalf of the student.  Students may also update this information at any time by contacting the Registrar’s office.

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Lost and Found

A lost and found service is maintained at the Mercy Medical Center Public Safety Office and missing articles should be reported to them. Mercy College and Public Safety are not responsible for money, jewelry, or any other articles lost on campus.

Offsite Meal Options

Mercy Court Café, across from the main campus, offers a variety of cafeteria-style hot lunch items. Menus vary daily and are posted outside of the café’s main entrance.
Several food options are also available on the Mercy Medical Center Central Campus, when attending clinical sessions, including:

  • Marketplace & Grille – Level A of Main Tower
  • Atrium Deli – Main level of Mercy Medical Plaza
  • Mercy Starbucks™ – East Tower, Level 1 (across from the Surgery Waiting Area)
  • McDonalds – Level A of West Building
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Printing Policy

Printing is available in all computer labs. Photocopy machines are available in the library and large computer lab. Students receive 100 free copies each semester to cover essential printing.  Students may add money to their account for additional copies.  A student ID badge is needed to activate the printing system.

Reception Desk

Staff members may leave mail for students with the Receptionist in the Sullivan Center by placing the mail in a sealed envelope and printing the student’s name and the staff member’s name clearly on the front of the envelope. Mail must be picked up within five working days. After five working days, the item will be returned to the staff member.

Students may leave mail with the appropriate postage at the front desk for pickup by U.S. postal employees.

The Receptionist does not accept deliveries for students e.g. food, flowers, cookie bouquets, etc. Deliveries will be returned.

Message Policy

Mercy College cannot be responsible for distributing telephone messages of any nature to students. It is the responsibility of each student to inform family and friends that messages for students will not be accepted. Students needing to contact faculty should consult the course syllabus for appropriate contact information.

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Study Areas

Mercy College provides students with the following areas for study:

  • Brennan Hall Commons
  • Building One Lower Level Commons
  • Sullivan Center Second Floor Student Commons

Student Lockers

Lockers are available on the lower level in Building 1. Access to lockers can be granted by the College Receptionist, located in the Sullivan Center.  Usage is free; students provide their own lock, post their name on the locker, and are expected to empty the locker by the last day of class each semester. If the student fails to vacate the locker by the last day of the semester, the lock will be removed and the contents of the locker discarded.

In the interest of the health and safety, Mercy Medical Center Public Safety Officers have the authority to conduct unannounced locker searches.

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Student Lounge

The student lounge is located on the lower level of Building One complete with comfortable furniture and a big screen television, and student lockers.

Student Parking

Parking at the Medical Center

Students may park in the Employee parking lots north of Mercy Medical Center on the north side of University Avenue.

Student vehicles may not be parked in other parking lots on the Mercy Medical Center campus between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

City streets north of University Avenue cannot be monitored effectively by the Mercy Medical Center Public Safety Office and the College strongly discourages parking on those streets.

Student vehicles may be parked in employee lots of Mercy Medical Center, (except the visitor lot) between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, and at any time on Saturday and Sunday (East Ramp, Education Center, Education Center East, Holiday Inn, Laurel Center, Visitor Lot, West Lot, North Lot and West Ramp.) Yellow traffic control markings and posted signs give directions for authorized and unauthorized parking.

Parking on Campus

Students are provided free access to a secure parking lot located to the west of the main campus at 701 Crocker Street during hours of college operation. This lot is accessible only with a Mercy College ID badge. In the event of emergency, this lot is equipped with three Code Blue telephone stations that provide a telephone link to Mercy Public Safety staff. Exterior video cameras monitor this parking lot and allow Public Safety staff to maintain visual contact with callers at Code Blue stations.

Parking space on the Medical Center campus is intended for visitors and/or reserved users. Use of visitor parking when attending class/clinical/library is a parking violation and subject to fine. Students parking in restricted areas are also subject to a fine.

Student use of Mercy Court parking is restricted to students who live at Mercy Court or students who need to conduct business with College personnel working at Mercy Court. Students do not have permission to park at Mercy Court to attend classes.

Because busy medical center parking lots have a high volume of emergency vehicles and time critical situations, medical center parking rules require respect and compliance.

Mercy College of Health Sciences is not liable for loss or damage to a student’s personal property.

Parking Permits

To provide safe and secure parking for the students and staff of Mercy College, all vehicles must display an appropriate parking permit distributed at college orientation or are available at no cost from the College Receptionist. Failure to display the appropriate permit is a parking violation and will subject the student to a fine.

Click here for additional information.

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Telephones for student use are available in the Building One lower level commons, Building Two in the second floor hallway, and in Brennan Hall outside Classroom 132.

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Uniform Vendor

Valley West Uniform, 4100 University Avenue, Suite 230, West Des Moines, is the official uniform vendor for Mercy College.  The company provides professional program specific uniforms in a range of sizes. The store also offers a selection of medical equipment carried by health care professionals.

Click here for more information.

Vending Machine Selection and Refunds

Mercy College, under a contract established by Mercy Medical Center with an independent vendor, provides on-campus vending machines that are located in Brennan Hall and Sullivan Center. Students are encouraged to contact the College Receptionist to suggest new or additional food items for inclusion in the machines.

In the event that a machine malfunctions or dispenses a product out of date or in poor condition, students may obtain a full refund by visiting the College Receptionist and reporting the machine malfunction and returning the uneaten product.

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This College Student Handbook is presented as information only and is not a contract between Mercy College and its students. The information, policies, and procedures contained in this Handbook are subject to change at any time with or without notice. Students are responsible for reading and following the information contained in the Handbook, including school-specific policies and procedures. The Admissions Manager will ensure that all admitted students receive instructions on how to access the Student Handbook online.  The student is responsible for knowing and complying with the information contained in the College Student Handbook and any changes to the policies and practices as posted on the College’s learning management system (E-LEOS) and College website.

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