About Us

Strategic Plan Committee Members

Shirley Beaver, RN, PhD, NEA-BC
Dean of the School of Nursing
Strategic Plan Committee Co-Chair

Sr. Jude Fitzpatrick, CHM
Board Member
Strategic Plan Committee Co-Chair

Carole Adams
Administrative Assistant to the President

Michael Allsopp, PhD
Liberal Arts and Sciences Professor

Willard L. Boyd III, JD
Board Member

Barbara Q. Decker, JD

Thomas Leahy, JD
Director of Business Operations

Robert Loch, MBA, CNMT
Nuclear Medicine Technology Program Chair

Joan McCleish, RN, PhD
Dean of Institutional Research, Assessment and Distance Education

Sharon Phillips, RN
Board Member

Elizabeth Ritt, RN, EdD
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost

Wendy Rivas
Bachelor of Science in Health Science Student

Mary Schemmel, RN’76, MSN
Assistant Professor of Nursing

Patricia A. Shoff, JD
Board Chair

Brian Tingleff
Vice President of Admissions and Advancement

Robyn H. Wilkinson
Board Member

Deborah A. Willyard, RN’79, BSN’89, MSN
Board Member