Mercy College Scholarship Programs

Scholarship programs are administered by External Affairs, with the assistance of Mercy Foundation of Des Moines. Mercy College Scholarships are available for application twice a year (October and March). Applications are available online and must be submitted by the date shown below for each round.

  Round Opens Round Closes
Fall Scholarships March 1 May 2
Spring Scholarships October 1 November 14

Students are not eligible to receive more than one scholarship award in a 12-month period for the same scholarship.

Applicants are able to submit one group application for a series of similar scholarships. Several group applications are available for various categories of scholarships. To support each group application, students need to submit a single typewritten essay and, in most cases, one letter of recommendation from someone who can attest to the applicant's demonstration of the defined Mercy College values.

Students planning on submitting more than one application should obtain letters of recommendation from a unique evaluator to support each application.

Scholarship committees generally include faculty representatives, alumni, Mercy medical staff members and friends of the College.

In many cases, documentation of financial need is required using data from the applicant's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For need-based scholarships, a FAFSA must be on file in the financial aid office for the year in question in order to qualify for consideration. For more information, click here.

Quick Info

Questions about scholarship eligibility should be directed to:

Brian Tingleff
Vice President of External Affairs
(515) 643-6663
Fax(515) 643-6698

Scholarship Support:

Amber Urias
Secretary, External Affairs
Building 1, Room 109
(515) 643-6682
Fax (515) 643-6698

Submit forms (in-person) to:

Missy Chapman
College Receptionist
Sullivan Center Lobby