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Nursing Faculty

Kasaundra Adams, RN, MSN
Assistant Professor
or (515) 643-6706; Office Location: B1-225

Tria Allen, RN, BSN, MS
Diploma Class of 1994 and BSN Class of 1999
Clinical Instructor
or (515) 643-6728; Office Location: B1-214

Dawn Bowker, PhDc, RN, MAN, ARNP, WHNP-BC
Associate Professor
Email or (515) 643-6726; Office Location: B1-212

Dale Brown, RN, MSN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6721; Office Location: B1-203

Kim Bruett RN, MSN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6622; Office Location: B1-203

Anne Citarella, RN, MSN

Jane DeGooyer, RN, MSN
Diploma Class of 1981
Assistant Professor

Email or (515) 643-6737; Office Location: B1-210

Teresa Doolittle, RN, MSN
Associate Professor
Email or (515) 643-6727; Office Location: B1-209

Dorothy Faidley, RN, BSN
Adjunct Faculty
Email or (515) 669-9630

Jean Gordon, RN, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
Email or (954) 394-1655

Marilyn Harter, RN, MSN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6783; Office Location: B1-208

Rhonda Heim, RNC, BSN
Diploma Class of 1973

Email or (515) 643-6693; MOP (515) 643-6398;
Office Location: B1-207

Tammy Johnson, RN, MSN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6641; Office Location: B1-221

Judith Lackore Monroe, DNP, APNP, C-PNP
Associate Professor
Email or (515) 643-6632; Office Location: B1-225

Kim Oswald, RN, MSN, Ed.D
Associate Professor
Email or (515) 643-6797; Office Location: B1-216

Catherine Pagel, RN, MSN
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6395; Office Location: CRC-111

Jacqulyn Pelan, RN, MSN, ARNP
Associate Professor
Email or (515) 643-6724; Office Location: B1-210

Rachel Reynolds, RN, MSN
Class of 2003 and 2007
Email or (515) 643-6606; Office Location: B1-209

Theresa A. Smith, PhD, MSN, RN
Diploma Class of 1987
Admissions & Clinical Coordinator
Assistant Professor

Email or (515) 643-6722; Office Location B1-207

Deb Taylor, RN, MA
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6651; Office Location: B1-213

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