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Non-Degree Seeking Students

Want to enhance your education without enrolling into a degree program? Home for summer and want to pick up a three-credit course or two to make next year a little easier? Or maybe you haven't decided which degree program you're interested in pursuing. Mercy College has a solution for your situation.

Mercy College defines unclassified students as non-degree seeking students. Students wishing to take courses for academic credit, but who do not wish to seek a degree are welcome to enroll in liberal arts and sciences courses at Mercy College on the basis of space availability. Students must complete a Registration Form and submit it to the Registrar's Office. Transcripts are not required; however, completion of prerequisite courses will need to be verified. A maximum of nine (9) credit hours may be earned as a non-degree seeking student.


  • Non-degree seeking students must complete an College Application for Admission as well as meet the criteria for admission.
  • Students who have been denied admission are not eligible to enroll as non-degree seeking students.
  • All course prerequisites and College policies apply to non-degree seeking students.
  • All non-degree seeking students are required to attend a New Student Orientation and Registration session.
  • Non-degree seeking students are held to the same academic and behavior standards as degree-seeking students.
  • Non-degree seeking students will pay the regular College tuition and fees and transcripts and grades will be generated.
  • A non-degree seeking student may seek admission to the College and apply to a degree program at any time.

Learn more about non-degree seeking students in the College Catalog.

BIO-180-X02A: Human Anatomy (4cr)
Tue/Thur 1:00-3:10PM (Lecture)
Tue/Thur 3:15-4:50PM (Lab)

ENG-101-X01: English Composition I (3cr)
Mon/Wed 9:00-11:15AM

ENG-299-X01: Young Adult Literature and Medicine (3cr) Online

MAT-095-X01: Pre - Algebra (3cr)
Thur 5:00-7:50PM

MAT-105-X01: College Algebra (3cr)
MonWed 2:30-4:45PM

MED-101-X01: Medical Terminology (1cr)
Mon 5:00-6:25PM

PHY-101-X01A: Physics (4cr)
Tue/Thur 9:00-11:10AM (Lecture)
Tue/Thur 11:15AM-12:50PM (Lab)

PHY-102-X01A: Physics II (4cr)
Mon/Wed 9:00-11:10AM (Lecture)
Mon/Wed 11:15AM-12:50PM (Lab)


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