NMT Clinical Resources

The following documentation must be submitted for consideration to the Advanced Certificate in Nuclear Medicine Technology Program. This documentation is necessary to complete the application process and be considered for an interview.   Completion of the application process does not guarantee admission to the program. A successful interview must be completed for admission to the program.


Each applicant must complete a minimum of eight (8) hours of observation in a Nuclear Medicine department.  The Documentation of Observation in the menu to the right must be completed for verification of observation hours.  Applicants are responsible for locating a facility for observation and arranging the necessary hours required. Applicants may contact the Nuclear Medicine Technology Program Chair at (515)643-6679 to arrange observation times at Mercy Medical Center if they wish.  Those chosing to complete observations at Mercy Medical Center must complete all documentation listed in the menu to the right titled Applicants Completing Observations at Mercy Medical Center.  These documents must be brought to Mercy Medical Center at the time of observation.

Letters of Recommendation

Each applicant is responsible for obtaining two (2) letters of recommendation. The letters may not come from a family member. Letters of recommendation must include the form provided in the menu to the right and be submitted in a sealed envelope.

Submitting Documentation

Letters of recommendation and documentation of the completion of observation hours must be submitted at the time of your interview or mailed to the following address prior to interviewing for a position in the Nuclear Medicine Technology program:

  • Mercy College of Health Sciences
    Attn: Nuclear Medicine Program Chair
    928 6th Ave
    Des Moines, IA 50309


Applicants may call the Program Chair at (515) 643-6679 to schedule an interview.  The interview must take place after the observation hours have been completed and the letters of recommendation have been written.  The applicant may bring the Documentation of Observation and Letters of Recommendation to the interview.

Thank you for your interest in the Nuclear Medicine Technology at Mercy College of Health Sciences.


Robert J. Loch, Program Chair