What's New With You?

Share some news with classmates in our News & Notes section of VitalSigns, the alumni magazine. Click here to submit your content online.

We’d love to hear more from you:

  • Have earned an honor in their community.
  • Completed further academic study.
  • Were recently married.
  • Had a baby or adopted a baby.
  • Perform interesting volunteer service.
  • Work on the leading edge of health care.

Space is limited in the magazine, so we’d ask that you limit your News & Notes article (News to Share form) to 50 words or less.  We may take the liberty to edit based on space limitations.

Photos are welcome, but only one photo will be used, and on a space available basis. Photos must be high quality jpegs or prints.

Print photos can be mailed to:
Mercy College of Health Sciences
Attn: Marketing Department
928 6th Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

If you would like to suggest a story idea for an upcoming issue of VitalSigns send an e-mail to the Marketing Department.

We’ll be sure to follow up with you if you suggest a story idea.