About the Library


The mission of Mercy College Library is to facilitate student success, to provide access to resources for the academic, professional and personal development of the Mercy College community and its affiliates, and to promote life-long learning and information literacy.


In addition to the five core values of Mercy College of Health Sciences, the Library values

  • Service: The Library is service-oriented first and foremost.
  • Collaboration: The Library values collaboration among its own staff, across the entire Mercy College community, and with local, state and national libraries, associations and consortia to advance the Library’s mission of serving others.
  • Access: The Library values free and open access to its services and collections.
  • Information Literacy:  The Library values teaching users how to gather, critically evaluate, and use information.



With this mission and these values in mind the library endeavors to

  • Develop collections of sufficient quality, size, and diversity to support instruction and research.
  • Organize and provide effective access to these collections along with access to a variety of external information resources.
  • Teach formally and informally the skills and knowledge necessary for members of the Mercy College community to utilize information resources independently, critically, and efficiently using both traditional and evolving technology.
  • Provide a staff that collectively possesses the specialized skills necessary for the library to function in a diverse, global, and increasingly complex information environment.
  • Create an environment within the library and beyond that encourages research, collaboration, and life-long learning.



The Library is a dynamic member of the Mercy College community and provides equitable access to information for those on campus and those engaged in online education. The Library embraces and promotes change in its organization, collections, and services to meet current demands and anticipate future needs, and encourages and supports both independent and collabortive learning at all levels within the community.