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HLC Self Study Visit

With the formation of the HLC Steering Committee, The Board of Directors and President seeks to ensure Mercy College of Health Sciences is properly positioned for its 2013-2014 self-study and comprehensive visit resulting in the achievement of a successful status of full "continued accreditation" as designated by the Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

“Reaffirming our Students’ Success in Health Sciences” is the theme of our self-study.  This theme provides us with a basis for the ongoing examination of how we at Mercy College are preparing graduates for their respective profession. 
Our self-study objectives include: 

  1. To identify and discuss the Steering Committee's roles and responsibilities as defined by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, HLC Steering Committee co-chairs and members.
  2. To design an evaluation accreditation process that focuses on the progress and reaffirmation of Mercy College in achieving its vision and mission.
  3. To be inclusive in the review process by developing a comprehensive communication and education plan that provides regular status reports to the college community. To provide ongoing feedback to the President who will inform and update the Board of Directors.
  4. To discuss the history and learn from the outcomes of prior HLC accreditation visits to Mercy College.
  5. To understand and apply the HLC accreditation standards as described in The Handbook of Accreditation as provided by HLC found on their website.
  6. To define and form HLC Committees as determined by the Steering Committee and in support of the HLC standards.
  7. To create appropriate electronic community sites and print documents for retrieval and retention in support of the accreditation review process.

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