Bachelor of Science in Health Science (Pre Med)

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Pre Med Degree Bachelor of Health ScienceGet an advanced degree in health science. Why settle for a general degree in science, when you can begin to explore your health career options with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science (BSHS)?

Blending a strong foundation in laboratory science with the specialization available in healthcare, you can explore a number of possible career fields at the same time, in preparation for further graduate study including medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, clinical laboratory sciences, nuclear medicine technology, physician’s assistant, veterinary medicine, podiatric medicine, or optometry. The BSHS is considered a pre-med degree.

If you want to get started with your career right after graduation, you’ll be ready for employment in medical research, medical sciences, insurance, public health, or community agencies, working, for example, as a health professional assistant, medical technician, or pharmaceutical sales representative. Either way, the Mercy College BSHS will give you tremendous opportunities to explore the dynamic field of health care.

Our Program

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree prepares students for graduate study in the health sciences. Our 125-credit hour program prepares you for a specialized introduction to the health science field. There are three tracks to choose from:

Track One is designed for first-time college students wanting to complete a bachelor’s degree in the health sciences.

Track Two is designed for candidates who already hold an associate of science degree in a health science and wish to enhance their career by expanding their academic preparation.

Track Three is designed for students who wish to obtain both their bachelor of health sciences degree and certification in clinical laboratory sciences from Mercy College.

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How to Apply

College Admission First
The first step in the admissions process is to apply using the Mercy College Application.  Early application is encouraged.  For a complete list of College application deadlines, click here.  Students admitted to the College may enroll in Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) courses prior to admission to any academic program.

Program Admission Second
Following College admission, students will receive instructions to complete an Acadmic Program Application in order to begin the process. Once all requirements have been satisfied, the applicant’s file is considered complete and will be given to the program chair for consideration. It is the applicant’s responsibility to complete the professional program application process by the program application deadline.

The program chair will begin reviewing completed files by the program admission deadline.

Practicum Experience

This program will offer a unique opportunity to shadow twice in areas of personal interest in the second and third year of the program (called a practicum) along side professionals at Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines University or other healthcare and science laboratories in central Iowa that match your interests.  Your program chair and academic advisor will assist in making these arrangements.  The practicum experience is designed to give the student hands-on insight into contemporary careers in the health sciences.

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Our full-time Ph.D. faculty will team up with specialists in specific health science fields from surrounding health care and science institutions to provide a comprehensive learning experience for students in this program. You will have an opportunity to learn from health care specialists and scientists with expertise and clinical and/or bench experience in their field of study.

Job Outlook

A BSHS degree provides a solid introduction to the health science field and is considered a pre-med degree. Completing a health science degree can provide a foundation for pursuing advanced health science degrees, or it can lead directly to an entry-level position in healthcare or bioscience.

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Quick Info

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