Graduation Eligibility and Application

Students earning an associates or a bachelor’s degree must complete all program degree requirements and the following institutional requirements:

  1. Service Learning Project
  2. Communication Competency Writing
  3. Communication Competency for Speech
  4. Health Sciences Reasoning Test (HSRT)
  5. Program Portfolio (if applicable) by their intended graduation date
  6. Other program-specific requirements

Note: Students who will have only one course to finish at the time of their intended graduation date may participate in graduation ceremonies, but will not receive their diploma until all graduation requirements and financial obligations are successfully completed.

Graduation Residency Requirements

Students completing a certificate (not short-term certificate) or graduating with an Associate Degree must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours at Mercy College.

Students graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours at Mercy College. Further details of graduation requirements are found within the program specific sections.

Application for Graduation

Students must complete an Application for Graduation form when registering for the semester prior to the semester of their intended graduation. Verification of eligibility shall be determined by the Registrar and the student’s academic advisor. Graduating students are encouraged to attend commencement.

Students must complete the graduation requirements listed in the College Catalog in effect at the time of initial registration after admission to the College. They may, however, opt to follow requirements in the current catalog.

A conferred degree and official transcripts are issued after fulfillment of all graduation requirements, including clearance through all College departments e.g. Library, Business Office, Financial Aid, etc. The College does not confer a degree without receiving your complete Application for Graduation.

Recommended application deadlines are:

Graduation Application Deadlines

  • Spring – November 1
  • Summer – March 1
  • December* – July 1

*December degrees are awarded, but the event is limited to a reception held at the College for family and friends (weather permitting). December graduates are invited to participate in spring ceremonies.

Candidates for graduation will receive information regarding graduation events by email from the Office of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. Other graduation details will be published on E-LEOS.

Quick Info

Graduation Requirements

(Refer to E-LEOS for details)

  • Service Learning Project
  • Communication Competency Requirement
  • Student Portfolios