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College Staff Directory

The following individuals are members of the professional and support staff at Mercy College.

Carole Adams
Executive Assistant
Email or (515) 643-6601; Office Location: B1-116

Carolyn Bucklin
Email or (515) 643-6744; Office Location: MC-129

Missy Chapman
Campus Receptionist
Email or (515) 643-3180

Lisa Croat
Financial Aid Director
Email or (515) 643-6720; Office Location: MC-117

Bao Diep (Bio)
Technology Specialist
Email or (515) 643-6704; Office Location: B1-226

Kayla Galoso (Bio)
Programmer Analyst
Email or (515) 643-6792; Office Location: B1-226

Mark Haddinger
Admissions Counselor
Email or (515) 643-6779; Office Location: MC-123

Sally Hawkins
Online Marketing Specialist
Email or (515) 643-6628; Office Location: B1-103

Laurie Heckert (Bio)
Student Accounts and Billing Representative
Email or (515) 643-6603; Office Location: B1-107

Sara Hill, MBA (Bio)
Assistant Registrar
Email or (515) 643-6652; Office Location: MC-121

Thomas Iverson
Senior Programmer Analyst
Email or (515) 643-6735; Office Location: B1-222

Marla Inks
Email or (515) 643-6793; Office Location: MC-B02

Linda Knowles
Secretary, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Email or (515) 643-6760; Office Location: B2-249

Jeanette McGreevy, PhD (Bio)
Academic and Institutional Effectiveness Coordinator
Email or (515) 643-6717; Office Location: B1-213

Kerry McGuire
Secretary, MC Training Center
Email or (515) 643-7491; Office Location: CR-104

Mollly Miller
Admissions Counselor
Email or (515) 643-6630; Office Location: MC-126

Maggie Moore
Admissions Counselor
Email or (515) 643-6733; Office Location: MC-122

Rachel Newsom
Secretary, School of Allied Health
Email or (515) 643-6789; Office Location: B1-217

Mark Norris
Library Assistant
(515) 643-6613

Douglas Owen
Environmental Services
Email or (515) 643-6713

Kris Owens (Bio)
Manager of Student Success
Email or (515) 643-6659; Office Location: MC B-01

Chad Peters
Financial Aid Coordinator
Email or (515) 643-6611; Office Location: MC-113

Lance Pfantz
Library Assistant/Audiovisual Specialist
Email or (515) 643-6763; Office Location: SC-114

Jeanne Pike
College Administrative Assistant
Email or (515) 643-6691; Office Location: B1-111

Ron Robertson
Student Services Coordinator
Email or (515) 643-6710; Office Location: MC-116
Amy Rollinger

Library Assistant

Julie Rose
Secretary, School of Nursing
Email or (515) 643-6637; Office Location: B1-217

Kevin Sindergard
Environmental Services
Email or (515) 643-6713

Dave Steenhoek
Facilities Manager
Email or (515) 643-6680; Office Location: B2-149

Jim Tagye (Bio)
Marketing Coordinator
Email or (515) 643-6678; Office Location: B1-105

Julie Thatcher
Financial Aid Specialist
Email or (515) 643-6636; Office Location: MC-115

Jennifer Thompson, MLIS
Assistant Library Director
Email or (515) 643-6700; Office Location: SC-114

Tamera Townsend
Student Affairs Associate
Email or (515) 643-6683; Office Location: MC-Lobby

Dominque Trumbo
Admissions Counselor
Email or (515) 643-6738; Office Location: MC-124

Leah Wafful
Success Coordinator, Student Affairs Associate
Email or (515) 643-6662 or 643-6618; Office Location: MC-B06/ MC-Lobby

Caitlyn Zimmermann (Bio)
Academic Advisor
Email or (515) 643-6794; Office Location: MC-B05

Sue Zylstra
Business Office Supervisor
Email or (515) 643-6629; Office Location: B1-110


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