Alumni Directory - The Many Blessings of Mercy College

The 2016 Mercy College Alumni Directory Project Off to a Great Start!

It’s hard to believe, that we’re coming up on eight years since our last Alumni Directory! My how time flies. What started in October 2015, with the contracting with Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI) to print our next directory, has led to more than 1,200 updates from alumni to information in their permanent alumni record. With more than 4,000 alumni yet to respond, time is running out to ensure your information is accurate before the directory goes to print this summer, in time for release in fall 2016.

PCI is contacting Mercy College of Health Science alumni via mail, phone and email to request that you update your information. We understand that security and privacy are concerns, but please know that PCI is a trusted partner of Mercy College.

We settled on the publication name: The Many Blessings of Mercy College for this 3rd Edition in order to highlight the importance of our alumni to the success of our institution! As you speak with representatives from PCI, they will also invite your participation in a special fundraising project.

In the last two years, we initiated an international immersion experience to Yucatan, Mexico as part of a class to give our students a global perspective. We were recently approached by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas to join them in another international initiative in Gros Morne, Haiti.

These trips are outstanding learning opportunities, and we’ve established a charitable fund with the Mercy Foundation to provide some financial support to students participating in these trips. Yucatan has been a wonderful experience and we have high hopes for a similar experience in Haiti in 2017. When speaking with the PCI operator, we hope you’ll consider a contribution to the Mercy College Immersion Experience Fund (900-0-4200), to broaden are students understanding of the world. 

If you have additional questions beyond the information included in our Frequently Asked Questions section, you are welcome to contact Brian Tingleff by email or at (515) 643-6663.

A Legacy of Alumni Directories

Beginning in 2002, Mercy College released Centuries of Caring, its first attempt to capture the history and legacy of the more than 2,000 alumni of record at the start of the new millennium. In summer 2008, the College released its second edition, Mercy Education – The Healing Touch, to provide an update on the more than 4,000 alumni of record who had been located in the intervening six years.

Both editions are now out of print.


2016 Directory Cover

2016 Alumni Directory
The Many Blessings of Mercy College 

2008 Directory Cover

2008 Alumni Directory
Mercy Education - The Healing Touch

2002 Directory Cover

2002 Alumni Directory
Centuries of Caring