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Financial Aid Resources

If you are a solicitor, please read the notice at the bottom of the page.

Important Links

Important Forms

2014-2015 Verification Worksheets (please do not complete unless directed to do so)
      IV1 Independent Standard 
      IV3 Independent Child Support 
      IV4 Independent Custom 
      IV5 Independent Full 
      IV6 Independent Household Resources 
      DV1 Dependent Standard 
      DV3 Dependent Child Support 
      DV4 Dependent Custom 
      DV5 Dependent Full 
      DV6 Dependent Household Resources

2013-2014 Verification Worksheets (please do not complete unless directed to do so)
     V1 Independent Standard 
     V2 Independent SNAP 
     V3 Independent Child Support 
     V4 Independent Custom 
     V5 Independent Full 
     V6 Dependent Standard 
     V7 Dependent SNAP 
     V8 Dependent Child Support 
     V9 Dependent Custom 
     V10 Dependent Full

IRS Tax Transcript Request Instructions

Financial Aid Appeal – Dependent

Financial Aid Appeal – Indepedent

Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling (for new borrowers)
Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling Addendum - for new borrowers as of 7-1-2013

Stafford Loan Exit Counseling (for graduating or withdrawing borrowers)

Workstudy Application


Notice to solicitors from outside companies: this website is designed with specific purposes in mind. We will only post information from local financial-related companies, government sites, or companies we have an established relationship with. The MCHS Financial Aid Office will not respond to offers of solicitation or advertisement.