Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Get your Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences (ASLAS). Our ASLAS degree covers the basics through the completion of the college core curriculum and electives in a broad variety of disciplines provided by the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. It's a broadly based degree program that allows you the ability to formulate your degree through a variety of courses to meet the degree program objectives. The curriculum is designed to establish a liberal arts and sciences foundation that facilitates personal development by enhancing your ability to:

  • Construct an educational plan for their future.
  • Integrate courses taken for the College core curriculum with those elective courses taken in the variety of disciplines.
  • Lead skillfully and thoughtfully as a well-rounded student and to know the importance of being a life-long learner.
  • Find, interpret and evaluate information from a variety of sources and apply that knowledge to real life situations.
  • Express oneself clearly through written and oral communication.
  • Employ both quantitative and qualitative reasoning to describe and solve problems.

Our Program

The Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences degree prepares students to continue their educational studies in health sciences or any other field of study. Our 60-credit hour program prepares you as an associate degree graduate with the skills to continue your education in a bachelors program of most interest to you.

How to Apply

College Admission First
The first step in the admissions process is to apply using the Mercy College Application. Early application is encouraged. For a complete list of College application deadlines, click here.

Program Admission Second
Following College admission, students interested in this program should inform their Admissions Counselor in order for the Admissions staff to make the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences aware of your interest. The admissions requirements for the ASLAS are the same as College admission. The Dean of Liberal Arts and Science will follow-up with you to review your educational plans.


Our full-time Ph.D. faculty will team up with specialists in specific health science fields from surrounding health care and science institutions to provide a comprehensive learning experience for students in this program. You will have an opportunity to learn from health care specialists and scientists with expertise and clinical and/or bench experience in their field of study.

Job Outlook

An ASLAS degree provides a solid introduction to higher education with a strong emphasis in the sciences. Whether you’ve changed your mind about another degree program at Mercy College or just want to complete a liberal arts degree from a health science educational leader, this program can help you to achieve success. You can transfer up to 12 professional course credits from another academic program/major and still complete your ASLAS. With an ASLAS degree you can compete for numerous entry-level positions in many fields thanks to the knowledge you’ll have in critical thinking, problem solving and communication.